Peter Feldman has stored a pull request for next week

nNext week Peter Feldman wants to go to the notary to file two letters. In one of them, the politician of the Social Democratic Party progresses for special reasons, as stipulated in paragraph 76A of the Haysan Municipality Law. With the other, it agrees to a city council vote, which would not be necessary for the additional decision-making of citizens required by law. If Feldman makes his way, the envelopes will be opened in January 2023 and letters will be sent to the city council office. Because only then does he want to retire from his post as mayor of Frankfurt.

Feldman had reported his intention in writing from Vietnam on Tuesday. On Friday, he explained at a press conference how he imagines the procedure and how the appointment came. He said that the decision to back down, rejected by the mayor, suspected of involvement in corruption, so far from the outside with a distant look. „Ich Liebe Diesen Job, Für Den Man Brennen Muss UND Den Man Ganz Oder Gar Nicht Mach.

I burned all the bridges behind me

The January 31 date was shown during a conversation with parliamentary blocs. “Anyway, the financial considerations weren’t important.” Feldman said. He did not even calculate the difference for an additional six months of service for the pension. Legal action wasn’t the cause, either. Am Tag nach Feldmanns Erklärung hatte das Landgericht Frankfurt bekannt gegeben, das Verfahren wegen Vorteilsannahme sei für sechs Tage im Oktober und November angesetzt. “The acquittal won’t change anything,” Feldman said of how he left office. “I have burned all the bridges behind me.” But he is not corrupt or guilty.

In the past few days, political groups in the Romans have also raised the question of the credibility of the announced withdrawal and how it could be secured. Feldman himself chose the procedure with the letter kept by the notary. According to various inquiries, he joked, “Believe me, this is not self-dissolving ink,” and remains open whether it happened as the mayor planned. Political groups first want to talk to each other and then talk to them.

The leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group, Nils Kossler, was skeptical. This attorney’s letter is not final. “Das wäre nur ein Beschluss des Parlaments.” Selbst wenn der Oberbürgermeister seinen Antrag auf Versetzung in den Ruhestand bei der Stadtverordnetenvorsteherin hinterlege, könne er ihn bis zuletzt hen.zurückzie Therefore, the leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Democratic Party, Yanky Porson, is demanding at least a confirmation of Feldman that he will give up the right to withdraw. “Even today, I don’t trust him as much as I trusted him on Tuesday,” said Green Party leader Demetrius Bakakis. “But we actually want to resign immediately.” However, in this case, the incumbent has to accept significant reductions in care payments.

Another way to go: Feldman wants to remain mayor until January.

Another way to go: Feldman wants to remain mayor until January.

Photo: Lucas Bommel

It’s not just opposition and coalition factions wondering how Feldman wants to fill his office by January. He had initially decided not to want public appointments until the end of the summer recess in September. “I haven’t decided yet how it will go after that.” Routine appointments are definitely good. “But I will not light any fireworks at the new events.”

There is no attendance at the book fair

The opening of the book fair should not fall under the routine oath, as the mayor always spoke. Feldman searched for the question that corresponds to a longer period in his electronic schedule, then found that the commercial exhibition festival is located on the same day on October 18 with the opening of the operation. “It could be close,” he said. “I definitely don’t drive with squeaking tires from court to showroom.” Feldman also won’t be able to deliver the mayor’s usual salute at the German book trade’s Peace Prize award ceremony in Paulskirche on October 23. “I’m on vacation with my daughter.”

The coalition factions want to talk to the mayor about how to move forward this weekend. Because the FDP and the Greens were already late at the end of January. “We wanted him to take office on February 1 at the latest, but there was no agreement on that,” Burson said. Green party spokesman Bakakis lamented Feldman’s unwillingness to see his mistakes and misconduct, such as dealing with the public when the allegations first became known in 2019 or a misogynistic statement on the Seville trip.

By Thursday, city council members need to clarify what is happening to apply the motion to the plenary agenda. “If this can be settled amicably for the city, its citizens and everyone involved, that’s fine,” said Ursula Bosch, chair of the SPD’s parliamentary group. CDU is also required, because canceling the choice, whether now or in January, as well as the request for conversion to retirement, must be decided by a two -thirds majority. Feldman rejected the union’s proposal that the mayor step forward for retirement now, but that would take effect only later. Experts emphasized that this alternative is not allowed.

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