Guruwill: When animals need it, you can count on Alexandra Bruche

When animals need it, Alexandra Brocchi can’t look away. Nine years ago, I set up a “branch” of Fallshot Wildlife Park, with the goal of caring for and caring for young or injured wild animals. “A call from the game reserve and I’m sitting in the car and I’m really there,” says the landlord at Görwihler Rebstock, because helping these animals is the most important thing to her.

A trained and dedicated wildebeest, she is a trained hunter and has an experienced vet at her side who can be on site at any time and upon request. “Of course, we are also stocked with all the veterinary equipment for all the emergencies our subjects face,” says Alexandra Broch, who provides each of her loved ones with optimum care and attention. “Everyone brought their sad story with them, got their name here and can feel comfortable and safe,” she says.

Dwarf rabbits of national fame

Since animals are not just a job for them, but a affair from the heart, some of them have also become real celebrities. Above all, the dwarf rabbit “Frau Rüble”, with its entertaining stories about the experiences in “Mutti Alexandra”, which attracted fans beyond the borders of the region via Facebook.

“We have already had wonderful visitors from the south of France. The family came especially because of Mrs. Roble. Once a motorcyclist from Rottweil stopped at his place just to get acquainted with a little ‘Mrs. Roble,'” she says and smiles.

Since February, dwarf goats Rosalie and Alexandra Broch have been an unbeatable team.  And that Rosalie loves fresh and juicy leaves ...

Since February, dwarf goats Rosalie and Alexandra Broch have been an unbeatable team. And her adoptive mother knows well that Rosalie loves fresh, juicy leaves. | Photo: Schneider, Sigrid

The little goat “Rosalee” the pygmy in particular has charmed people in and around Gorwell. “She came to us in February because her mother didn’t accept her and we raised her,” Alexandra Broch says.

Rosalie has been wonderfully developed and does not show any shyness about people or human activities, quite the contrary, her “animal mother” says: “She is much smarter than a dog – she is just an optimistic little goat. Sometimes she also thinks we are like her and whenever something happens, she prefers Being right in the middle of it.” Family dog, play.

A little fawn fed up again

Life with Alexandra Broch developed completely differently for the timid shy Vita, who was misled by people not familiar with wild animals and whose life was hanging by a thread.

“Feta drank the milk only after our dog Max licked it lovingly and delicately, and thus became a surrogate for her mother – without him we would not have succeeded in crossing the feta,” says Alexandra Broch. The shy Vita will also remain with her, reapplying is impossible.

If she wishes for one thing, it would be for people to learn more about animals, she says. “Wild animals should not be touched or fed – fenced goats, alpacas or sheep can also be seen, but they should never be fed. Lots of animals should die miserable and in agony just because people don’t think,” she says wistfully.

In order to alleviate the suffering, she loves to do this satisfying work which has become a part of her life. “In return, we are happy to accept giving up vacation, getting up early, or feeding and caring for young animals every two to three hours at night — life with our animals makes up for everything.”

The “Frau Rüble” Facebook stories can be found in the “I Live in the Black Forest” public group.

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