Princess Bucher takes care of Heidi’s children – Oliver sees it differently

Model Heidi Klum has four children.Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images

Heidi Klum always keeps her children out of the public eye. So far, millions of fans on Instagram haven’t seen Henry, Lou and Johan quite right, mostly covered in masks or emojis. However, Heidi made an exception with Lenny Klum, because since she was 16, she has been in the spotlight like her famous mother. However, this happened at her request, because she totally wanted to follow in Heidi’s footsteps She quickly celebrated her modeling debut two years ago on the cover of the German edition of Vogue.

Since then, Lenny has landed one job after another, shooting big ad campaigns or running big fashion shows like Dolce & Gabbana. At 1.63 meters, the 18-year-old shows that she has successfully broken the ideals of models on the catwalk. In the latest podcast episode, Amira spoke to her husband, Oliver Bucher, about how Heidi handles protecting her children in the age of social media. The presenter found special words of praise for the “GNTM” juror.

Princess Boucher praises Heidi for treating her children in public

First, Oliver Bucher stated that he thinks it’s cool that Sarah Connor keeps her children out of the public eye and that Summer, for example, was only allowed to have a public profile at age 16. The comedian says, “Until then, you can control the Instagram with a private account. Amira agreed, and agreed that this was the right age: “It’s a huge achievement to be able to do this as a mom at 16. We know what you look like. Your daughter is 12, and she knows it.”

Pocher joked that his eldest son, who came from a relationship with Sandy Meyer-Wölden, could actually start out as a social media consultant. Soon they came to talk about Heidi Klum, because Lenny appeared in public on her account when she was 16 years old. Amira said: “A lot of people criticize Heidi. But I think she at least makes the children’s topic so cool. And when you have such a cracked up daughter, you can’t hide it.”Then she has to go out into the world. I think Lenny is a very beautiful person, she is a beautiful little girl, and an incredible young lady.”

However, up to a certain age, they keep children coming back for a long time. But Boucher criticized the 49-year-old, saying, “She’s already marketing children.” When asked by a princess how she did it, the comedian explained: “There’s always an emoji on it. It also does a lot with kids and everything else. I was inclined to think, maybe it’s one subject less.”

But a princess stuck to him: “But look, there is a difference. She can put a sticker on her face as much as she wants, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all, because you don’t know anything about children. And that’s the important thing.” Bucher replied, “Well, you already know who the father is and that there is disagreement about it.” By this, he meant the reports that reached the public about the relationship with Heidi and her ex-partner Seal. Then the mother of two confirmed, “But you know nothing of children: are they sick, are they good at school, what time were they born.”

Pocher agreed: “There’s a certain difference in scale from Wollnys and Anne Wunsch to Heidi Klum. I’ll give her just that.” According to Amira, this is the point: “It has to do with the fact that being alone is not only what is dangerous in it, but also the disclosure of all information, thus also giving up privacy and children’s rights. If you post a kid in a completely neutral way in a family photo, you still don’t know anything about that kid.”

So you can’t group this together. “You don’t know anything about Heidi’s children and that’s a good thing, because that way you don’t make yourself vulnerable,” she said. On the other hand, influencers like the Harrison family will make their children’s school uniforms public. She criticized “This is so negligent. I mean, every private school has a different uniform, you can’t show the school uniform. How easy it is to know where a child goes to school or kindergarten.”


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