New Amazon Prime series: Sophie Basman is the star of the ‘Damaged Goods’ culture

Sophie Basman (left) and Leonie Brill in “Damaged Goods” Photo: Amazon Prime/Mark Ryman

The main characters of the eight-part series are only in their late twenties, but they are already in crisis. Sophie Basman causes a stir as a failed psychology student.

When parents of millennials were their age, they thought about their future career, whether they should start a family, and if so, with whom. ZDF series “Um die 30” talked about this in 1995; It was about six friends who left their youth behind. Damaged goods about 30 for her children.

The main characters of the eight-part Amazon series are in their late twenties and still too young for a midlife crisis; So it’s the one-third crisis, and it’s Nola (Sophie Basman). The prospective psychologist faces the shards of planning her career: her master’s thesis was rejected due to official errors and she herself was disqualified. Since she doesn’t have a Plan B, she works in a hardware store and runs a podcast called Damaged Goods as a “Kitchen Psychologist.” In it, she talks about all the issues that concern her clique – without them knowing. The idea of ​​the podcast is smart because it allows Nola to officially lead the story as narrator; In many movies and series, commenting out of comment often feels like a gossip. The beginning is still a bit choppy, especially since the flashy style takes a while to get used to and the characters seem pretty tacky at first.

Fear of growing up

After dropping out of law school, the attractive Mads (Tim Oliver Schultz) lives odd jobs and has a date with a different woman every night. Tia (Zainab Bozbay) is an unconventional artist. Nola’s roommate, Henny (Leonie Brill) dreams of a bourgeois life with a family and her own home. Fifth in the group is Hugo (Anthony Stankovic), a gay flight attendant who falls in love with his worst enemy from school, of all people. The quintet met in group therapy and have undergone long, thin periods ever since.

The five former teens are now at an age when they are considered adulthood, and that scares them. Mads, for example, discovers by chance that he is going to be a father; And Nola, who was recently abandoned by her boyfriend, unexpectedly falls in love with a therapist.

Of course, gender also plays a role

Scenarios created in the seven-person writers’ room (lead author: Jonas Bock) also confront the quintet again and again with ideas that make the thirty to forty-minute episodes so entertaining: Tia Mads hands over a small bag of Marisol cement so he He can practice parenthood for a day and document the “project” with his smartphone. Of course, gender also plays an important role. The corresponding dialogues are quite straightforward, but the images are rated for adults. It’s still intriguing when the Mads uses grapefruit halves to verbally demonstrate how Nola should be pleased with her new friend.

Damaged Goods has many qualities: the set is a great mix of well-established yet to be discovered participants, fast-paced and funny dialogues, and amazing situational comedy. Image design (Nathalie Wiedemann), editing and split-screen animation (David Reichelt) ensure the dynamics and music are very lively. Directed by Anna Katharina Meyer, who previously filmed the humorous series “Der Beileeper” (2020) for Amazon. It also deserves a cast of supporting characters with Michaela May as Tia’s grandmother or Jasmine Gerat as Nola’s new love, especially since well-known guests like Christian Tramitz or Helmfried von Luetschau provide more moments of surprise.

The effect of the explosion in the last episode

But even if there is nothing else good to say: discovering Sophie Basman as an actress is worth every minute. “This summons the Grimme Award!” Tia comments on the movie “Marisol”. Passmann already has one: in 2021, the radio presenter and author received an award for the book and for overseeing the release of “Joko & Klaas Live” “The Worlds of Men.” The turbulent final episode provides the explosion effect already indicated in the opening episode, but it also creates the basis for a sequel – good news.

Good damaged. Available July 11 on Amazon Prime.

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