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Everyone who thinks of the worlds of brands usually thinks of large international companies. Big companies have the means to pull off all the stops that make their brand tangible to the audience. Whether it’s an elaborate point-of-sale design, private showrooms or even your own brand-oriented theme parks. For most small and medium-sized businesses, implementing such measures is not feasible. However, as the customer journey is increasingly taking place in today’s digital area, they have the opportunity to build a brand world that can be experienced digitally. What matters here is integrated communication, underpinned by engaging and authentic storytelling.

Integrated communication as a key to recognition

The world of branding is characterized by the fact that the brand in question is emotionally regulated and made tangible. Apart from the actual products or services, brands are ultimately abstract concepts that can be made tangible in the brand world. With the aim of better characterizing an individual’s position in the competitive environment, imbuing emotional feelings into the image and connecting customers to the brand by activating experiences.

In the classic sense, Brand Worlds is based on multi-sensory perception, which is made possible by specifically addressing the senses. In order to promote the development of the relationship with the brand, the assimilation, processing and assimilation of information is strengthened through own experiences. They can be of an olfactory, tactile, gustatory, visual or acoustic nature. It is clear that not every meaning can be processed through the world of digital branding.

It is critical to control visual perception and content design through integrated communication. Means: With a consistently uniform appearance on all online touch points – from your website to social media to other third-party platforms – recognition is enhanced. On the contrary, it is easier for consumers to identify the brand and engage in the messages behind it. The actual brand world in turn is built through cross-media storytelling, which requires engaging content and revitalization.

Immersive storytelling as the foundation of the brand world

Be it novels, short stories or comics – stories allow people to immerse themselves in exciting worlds. And all without having to build an elaborate theme park. Companies can harness the power of this storytelling to communicate and create a unique brand world. Content communicated to the outside world is crucial to success. While the advertising character recedes into the background, the content must address the interests of the target group on the one hand – and reflect the brand’s identity in an unchanging way on the other. The result is a communicative added value that allows building a relationship between the brand and the customer.

The immersive storytelling spans from the perception of the brand to the emotional level. Instead of purely advertising messages, consumers receive a connected story that unlocks special insights into the world of the brand. Whether it’s a love of nature, a connection to the region or a progressive creative spirit: the story that is ultimately told depends on the company’s individual orientation. It remains important that the content is relevant to the target group. In addition to this customer-oriented added value, the visual and textual orientation must match the essence of the brand. This interaction ensures that you can arouse the interest of the target group in order to invite them into the world of your own brand.

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