BW . Children’s ‘Hot to read’ reading campaign begins at BW

“Means of Reading” is a campaign by the administrative districts of Baden-Württemberg. Children and young people from primary school to adolescence should be inspired and encouraged to read.

We have summarized the most important questions and answers about the campaign:

What is hot to read?

“Means of Reading” is a campaign by the administrative districts of Baden-Württemberg. Children and young people from primary school to adolescence should be inspired and encouraged to read.

From Monday 11 July until Saturday 24 September, the campaign will be presented for the eighth time in the administrative region of Tübingen, which includes the local districts.

“Hot to read” is in the starting blocks

Children and young adults can borrow exciting, funny, scary, romantic or even adventure stories from the many books in their library. They will also be rewarded with a certificate and prizes for reading

How to join

Children and youth can register as club members for free at participating libraries. Hot to Read registration cards are available at schools and libraries before the summer holidays. After registration, each participant will receive a record. This accompanies children and youth during the campaign.

Using the registry as a club identifier, all books with the “Hot to read” tag can be borrowed from participating libraries. When books are returned, club members fill out one of the scorecards in the register and discuss the book with someone on the library team.

A lottery ticket is then thrown into the raffle wheel, so that the first book read has a chance to win a prize in the raffle at a closing ceremony in the library.

The aim of the campaign is for children and young people to enjoy reading and talking about it.

Klaus Tabsser

At the end of the campaign, all club members will be invited to attend a closing party in the respective library and will have the opportunity to participate in the raffle. Each club member receives a certificate from the first book read.

What are the goals of “Hot to read”?

The campaign aims to promote reading in a fun factor for children and youth during the holidays. “The aim of the campaign during the summer holidays is for children and young people to enjoy and talk about reading, and to encourage their reading and language skills in a playful way,” said district president and sponsor of the “Hot for Reading” campaign in the administrative district of Tübingen, Klaus Tabsser.

The campaign also enhances reading and text comprehension as well as language skills and at the same time is an incentive to visit the library even after the campaign is over. Reading club meetings in libraries are especially popular for exchanging information about what you’ve read or just hanging out while “reading and relaxing” together.

What books are included?

200 books for children and young adults were selected. There are easy-to-read titles as well as thick books of different genres, so there is something to suit every reading preference and reading ability.

Where can you participate?

This summer, 37 city and community libraries in the administrative district of Tübingen are participating in the “Hot to read”. Despite Corona, the balance sheet rose last year to more than 2,700 enthusiastic young readers, with more than 17,000 books read and evaluated. In addition, nearly 2,000 certificates have been awarded to children and young adults who are passionate about reading.

This year the campaign will take place in the city’s administrative district of Tübingen and in the community libraries of the following municipalities:

Alpstadt, Bad Waldsee, Ballingen, Bergolen, Biberach, Blaustein, Bodelshausen, Budding, Dettingen ad Herms, Düslingen, Inningen/Achlm, Friedrichshafen, Jumaringen, Heeschingen, Kirchentelensfurt, Langenau, Loebheim, Liechtenstein, Ritenburg, Ritenburg, Mossen , Schelklingen, Tettnang, Trochtelfingen, Tübingen, Überlingen, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Ulm, Uttenweiler, Wangen, Wannweil, Westerheim.

What can you earn?

Prices vary slightly from library to library. This is also because stores located near the library may donate various prizes.

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