Rhön: high demand for animal husbandry in the Dipperz

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Katja Weber lives with her animals next to the animal pension. © Surya Reich

The holiday season will start soon. After the pandemic, many dog ​​and cat owners are also eager to travel. Anyone who needs housing for their four-legged friends should hurry up. Katja Weber’s Pfötchentraum animal pension is already fully booked during the summer holidays.

Wisselsrod Paula gropes slightly anxiously through the outer enclosure of the animal house in Dipperz-Wisselsrod. Your temporary roommates, Lui and Motschi, have already thawed and are jumping into the open space behind the house. Like six other dogs and two cats, they spend time in the Paws pet house until their masters and lover come back.

Rhön: High demand for animal care homes in Dipperz – take care of the space early

Some are on vacation and couldn’t take their four friends, others had to go to hospital or rehab for a while. While they can’t take care of their animals, Katya Weber takes over. The 37-year-old has run the Pfötchentraum animal house in Wisselsrod for the past 17 years. She reported receiving more and more inquiries during the holiday season. Anyone who needs a temporary spot for their furry friend should call as soon as their vacation or hospital stay is confirmed.

According to Katja Weber, the fact that inquiries during the holiday season are more extreme than in previous years is certainly also due to the fact that many people have gotten pets during the Corona pandemic, for example in order not to feel lonely in the home office. However, new dog or cat owners should realize that they should start looking early for a place to keep their pet if they are traveling or will be away from home for some time.

Weber’s pension is not fully booked yet, but that will change at the latest when the holidays begin. Then it would be not just six dogs frolicking in the meadow, but ten dogs. In addition, the cat room was taken over by a total of five domestic tigers. The number is determined by the veterinary office. (Read here: Mistress and master want to travel again: Big rush at Schlüchtern’s dog hotel)

Many owners find it difficult to leave their cat in a boarding house, because there is an assumption that the cats are more accustomed to their territory, i.e. apartment or house, than to people. Perhaps the two Bengal cats that are currently in the cat room are a symbol of the differences between animals. While one enjoys being petted by Katia Weber’s 11-year-old son, the other is still very shy and prefers to hide.

Dog owners bring their own food

The two cats also live together in the house, but it also happens that animals from completely different families are accommodated in the cat room. Because nobody’s really at home here, says Weber, there are no wars for influence. Sometimes there is some kind of friendship between cats.

Fun and games in the daily program for dogs in the outdoor area.
Fun and games in the daily program for dogs in the outdoor area. © Surya Reich

It is similar to the dogs who live together here for different periods of time. In the morning, they are allowed into the outer enclosure where they roam together. Meanwhile, the 37-year-old keeps the dogs area clean and then brings them back for breakfast. Each dog owner brings his own food at that time in the boarding house. This is important because dogs do not have to get used to it and because a sudden change of food can cause stomach upsets in four-legged friends.

Additionally, animals must have a vaccination card fully filled out with them for the duration of their stay in the animal care facility and must be dewormed. “And they should be socially acceptable because they live together in rooms here,” Katja Weber says.

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She lives next to the animal pension, so she can always check that things are going well here. “In principle, I’m here with the animals all day, looking after them and mowing them if necessary.” This is Weber’s second pillar: in addition to the animal grooming house, she also runs a grooming salon for dogs and cats.

The 37-year-old loved animals as much as she could remember. After helping out often at the animal shelter when she was in school, she did an apprenticeship at a pet supply store. This is where she came up with the idea of ​​creating her own home for the animals: “Customers have always requested an indoor home like this. That’s how I realized there was a gap in the market.”

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