Animals and heat: Gelsenkirchen experts give advice

It should be very hot in the coming days. This can be stressful for animals. Gelsenkirchen experts provide advice to owners.

Hot days, lots of sunshine and over 30 degrees already in May: summer shows its hot side this year. While many people enjoy the summer temperatures, a veterinarian in Gelsenkirchen warns of animals suffering in the heat. The issue must be taken seriously.

Veterinarian Dr. Matthias Biebmuller often had to treat patients suffering from heat stroke in his clinic in Porsche. “In dogs, signs of heat stroke include constant heavy panting and lethargy. If the dog doesn’t want to play or continues to sit, something is wrong,” says Biebmuller.

Gelsenkirchen vet appeals to owners: Do not leave dogs in the car

Guinea pigs and rabbits become indifferent when exposed to heat for a long time. If the cat starts panting, you should act quickly as well. The vet recommends: “If there are any signs of a temperature increase, the best thing to do is to apply a cool, damp washcloth to the animal’s thigh.” This works well for dogs. Rabbits and guinea pigs can be helped by putting a little water on their ears. If nothing helps and the symptoms do not improve, you should consult a veterinarian.

Not to get this far in the first place, Peppmüller appeals to owners to keep a close eye on their animals on hot days. He warns that “many people enjoy the good weather on days like these and leave their animals unattended.” For example, if the rabbit coop is under the scorching sun, it can be really dangerous. So providing enough fresh water and a place in the shade is a must on hot days. Never: Leave the dog alone in the car when it’s hot. This can be fatal quickly – or end up with a smashed car window. Recently, a passerby had to call the police in Gelsenkirchen in June due to a dog being left in the car in high temperatures.

Dog trainer recommends evening or morning rides

Dog trainer Peter Post has been training dogs for over fifteen years. In Gelsenkirchen-Neustadt, he runs a dog school and offers dog sports and training courses. “From 28 degrees, training becomes difficult, dogs are hardly receptive,” Post explains. That’s why he skips units on days like these. Instead of command and obedience exercises, there’s a refreshing bath in the dog pool for the four-legged friends.

As the owner, you should be responsible on hot days and refrain from jogging or cycling with the dog, he says. Post recommends going for a long, relaxing walk in the shaded woods in the early morning or late evening when it has cooled down a bit.

Forest concern about drought in the forest

Meanwhile, pet supply stores offer a variety of products to cool off. At Fressnapf in Ückendorf, for example, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for: cooling pads, cooling jackets, and cooling bands are currently in range. Dog’s Place in Erle offers water games for hot summer days. Dog ice cream is also no longer a rarity. What flavor do you want? Frozen yogurt with cheese, apple, banana or salmon? On the Internet you will find a variety of manufacturers of animal ice cream in all shapes, but also recipes that you make yourself. With cream cheese, a little oil, and sausage, liver sausage ice cream is quickly whipped up.

Hot, and above all, dry summer days have consequences for the forest and the animals that live there. Although wild animals can retreat to shady places on their own, there are now few and far between ponds and bodies of water to cool off during hot and dry periods. Forester Oliver Balkey has been watching this for some time. “When red deer and red deer cannot find water in streams or ponds, they pull bark from trees and nibble it to absorb the liquid.” This in turn harms the forest.

Some animals such as newts or dragonflies also depend on these small bodies of water for breeding. “In periods of drought, we then have to help save resettlement,” Al-Haraji explains. If you want to do something good for dried squirrels, birds or hedgehogs, you can fill a shallow container with water and place it in the garden or on the balcony. In summer, hedgehogs and squirrels also help to allow the garden to grow a little wilder. High lawns provide retreats and spaces do not dry out quickly. Oliver Balkey also points to caution and rationality in the woods. Burning a cigarette in a dry forest can quickly start a fire.

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