Dresden: Dresden Harley class: ‘We don’t need hooligans’

Dresden Harley chapter: “We don’t need troublemakers”

Eberhardt Grumman served as President of the Dresden Germany branch for 25 years. How does a club like this work? Do these drivers just want to play with their robes?

Branch Head in Dresden: Eberhardt “Epps” Grohmann, formerly a butcher, then a spice salesman. He drives the Harley Davidson Night Train.
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Dresden. People are amazed. Standing respectfully from a distance. You rarely see so many Harleys in one place. Now the machines are lined up next to each other at the Schillergarten entrance and sparkle in the evening sun.

Drivers have already had their first beer on long tables. It will probably stay that way. After all, motorcycles in front of the door do not roll into the house alone. Some men study the menu, hesitating between Rostbrätl with butter beans and homemade grilled meat jelly.

Newcomers are greeted with a big welcome and a hard slap on the shoulder. Tin plaques on the fez ring. It is the weekly meeting of the Dresden branch, Germany. It has 86 members, which are actually called members and range in age from 17 to 80.

In the middle sits EPS. His name is also different. It is Eberhardt Grumman. When he speaks, the conversation stops and the glasses sink onto the table top. He’s been class president for 25 years. The club is only one year older. It was founded when “Thomas Heavy Metal Bikes” opened its shop in Dresden as the first Harley-Davidson dealer.

Merchants, Members and Badges

It cannot be one without the other. At the very least, the chances of a merchant – his real name being Dealer – survived wouldn’t be very good without the support of his branch. And vice versa, such a club without bicycles is not necessary. Because it is the norm for branch members to buy Harleys from their dealer and not from another dealer or somewhere far away on the World Wide Web. This is not considered an obligation, it is normal.

So the parents did it. They come from America, where the Harley Owners Club is the umbrella organization for the local association. On cowhide covers—which are never called jackets—many cyclists have patches with the American Major’s logo, their own club and events as well as annual club membership badges. By the way: No member will say patches. Small embroidered pieces of fabric are called patches.

Eberhardt Grohmann explains: “This class supports its dealer and serves as a large advertising platform. In return, the dealer supports members with all questions related to the brand, store and workshop.”

Since the 66-year-old was at the helm, doing so well that he was re-elected every two years, there was a discipline in the class: “We spend our free time here. We don’t need any hooligans in the club.”

He does not want to comment on the news from rival motorcycle clubs that operate in criminal areas. This has nothing to do with his people. And if you see them sitting under the trees with a view of the calm Elbe River, you immediately believe it.

The purpose of the Dresden Germany branch, in addition to the aforementioned promotion of your dealer, is for you to live the unifying love of Harley and motorcycling. “We travel regularly, and we’ve already done 7,000 km of tours through Italy or 10,000 km to the North Cape.” In Scotland, Ireland, Russia they visited friendly clubs.

“We also organize charitable events. For example for
Sunbeam e. V. We have already raised from 30 to 40.000 euros. “Drivers also go on children’s day trips – each with a child as a passenger who would otherwise not be able to go on a motorbike ride.

They will present themselves at Harley Days, which will once again bring together thousands of cyclists of all philosophies from July 22-24 in Ostrage. Harley fans may already be familiar with the club and are looking for the company of both men and women. The latter met under the name “Harley Ladies”. Partly among themselves, and partly with men, they preserve their life in the club.

Passion and good causes

Anyone who wants to become a member of the Dresden Germany branch can express interest or be recommended. Then he was invited to be a guest at one of the weekly meetings throughout the season. “If he really wanted to join, he had to, of course, drive a Harley himself and be a customer of our dealership,” explains Eberhardt Grumman.

The regulation provides for a probationary period of one year. During this time, the candidate must participate in the social projects of the club and help shape the life of the club, for example by planning trips and excursions.

Shared Tours Under Two Stars: It celebrates the here and now for those united by a great passion – but never without looking back and taking with them biker friends who are no longer alive.

“We lost six members last year,” says the club president. Probably the most famous of them is Dresden businessman and former city festival planner Klaus-Dieter Lindeke, whom everyone knows as KDL. He left this world in May 2021 and is still present to everyone: “He always goes with us.”

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