Film festival heralds open-air cinema season in Wiesbaden

Open-air cinema season in Wiesbaden opens on Thursday: in the facilities of the Reisinger, the “Bilderwerfer” presents the art house with free admission.

Art House films are having a hard time in cinemas (such as at the Cineplex Cinema Center on Moritzstraße); At the outdoor film festival at the Reisinger facilities, on the other hand, they are the focus.
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WIESBADEN – When it gets dark outside…So the light has been on in Reisinger facilities for 24 years now! And in particular on the big screen – from Thursday: The “Die Bildwerfer” association traditionally organizes an outdoor film festival in four summer weeks on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, and this year again from 14 July to 6 August. Twelve Pearl films can then be enjoyed for free: “The program features twelve extraordinary, entertaining, groundbreaking and important films selected for the Film Festival from cinemas shown over the past two years. Among other things, there will be some highlights from the major festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin,” announced Carsten Speicher of the Bilderwerfer team.

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For example, “Kokon”, a story about coming of age in Berlin about sexual awakening and the first great love, will be shown. “Rocketman” is a retelling of Elton John’s beginnings and hacks (software available at “In general, we are looking for German and international films that are entertaining on the one hand, but also concerned with social or social issues and take a clear stand on them. It is the pearls film of last year that we wish a larger audience for. There are rarely Hollywood blockbusters.”

Open-air cinema in Schiersteiner Hafen

In good weather, Speicher expects up to 800 spectators in the evening (which usually begins with a short film). “Last year, we had to take some anti-corona measures that cost money and manpower.” This omission makes the job a lot easier. However, we are constantly faced with new requirements and some services have been cancelled. Electricity and water supplies were recently cut off, and the costs of meadow litter boxes have risen sharply again. Unfortunately, the additional expenses necessary here are then missing for the work of the program,” he regrets.

Summer outdoor cinema is also held on board a ship: from August 11 to 21 it will be docked at Schiersteiner Hafen, from August 25 to September 4 at Reduit Kastel. Current works such as the autobiography “Elvis” or the latest “Minions” part can also be viewed, with tickets costing eight euros per person (program at

Visitor numbers have not yet reached the pre-Corona level

If you want to see a good movie and be independent of the weather, you can also go to the cinema. The past two corona years have been tough for the industry. And not only because of the circumstances, but above all because of the lack of blockbuster films – after all, during the global lockdown, it was only possible to shoot under difficult conditions. That has now changed: “Powerful films like ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ or the new ‘Minions’ are getting very good numbers of visitors,” said Mark Ewert of Cineplex Wiesbaden.

However, one is far from being at a pre-aura level. This is also due to the fact that a lot of festivities are being made up at the moment, which means that there is no time for cinema. A rejuvenation is presented to popular films – how the pandemic situation has developed in turn cannot be estimated. “In the past two years, we are used to the fact that our planning horizon is only four weeks. None of us know what will happen in the fall or winter.” Arthouse films are really the other side of the coin: the target group has a much more difficult time going to the cinema, as Ewert notes: Although the ventilation system reduces the risk of infection, between all bookings the place will certainly remain empty.

This article was originally published on Jul 12, 2022 at 00:00.

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