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More space for birds

Breeding support: The Rather Broich Garden Association sets up 25 nest boxes for endangered birds. The campaign was launched by the Nature Conservancy.

The sparrow loves being close to people, which I followed even from the concrete city center. It went almost unnoticed that the number of birds, also known as the house sparrow, had fallen so dramatically, in some areas even so dramatically, that the sparrow is now on the early warning list of endangered species.

Therefore, the Federation of Nature Conservation (NABU) launched an appeal through the city’s federation of allotment societies to hang more nesting boxes, since the little bird does not find any opportunities to establish its home in the city. In the course of renovating the roof, for example, to the last closed small crack – good for thermal insulation, bad for sparrow. However, Naboo only reported one candidate: the Custom Gardens Association Rather Broich.

    Nicolai Weschle shows one of 25 nesting boxes.  Ulrike Morys also brought a large colony nest box with her.

Nicolai Weschle shows one of 25 nesting boxes. Ulrike Morys also brought a large colony nest box with her.
Pictured: Mark Engel

But he immediately ordered 25 pieces. “The board of directors decided to subsidize each nest box purchased with 12 euros,” says CEO Nikolai Wieshel. By the way, the association got its hands on wooden objects on the Internet via the website “It’s amazing the fine and fine work they do there,” Weschle says.

For Napo, Ulrike Morys visited the dedicated gardeners at their Ponderosa Club and gave helpful tips so the sparrow could feel really at home in Rather Broich. “Essentially, you don’t always have to cut everything too far, you can also let the weeds grow, and it doesn’t always have to be good English lawn.” proper food. These include aphids as food for the young, and later flies and crane flies.

For the winter, it is advisable to equip the bird feeder with mealworms. So that they also gain a lot of fat, they must first be put in a plastic box with oatmeal, sliced ​​carrots, or dried bread, “they eat it like anything,” Morris says.

The sparrow usually breeds three times a year (sometimes up to five times) and lays four to six eggs per brood. It sounds like a lot, “However, only 20 percent make it through the first year of life,” Morris says. Thus, the loss is great, which in the case of chicks that remain completely clumsy for the first three to four days not least due to natural enemies from cats to foxes, magpies, crows or jays also do not underestimate the little sparrow .

For this he can rely on his parents, who live first in monogamy and secondly so socially inclined that they also feed the neighbor’s child. But Naboo also has large nesting boxes in the colonies. In winter, the nesting box also serves as a sleeping place for the sparrow. It’s bad if he cheats on a nipple and then cheats in between. It has nothing to do with being a good neighbor and chasing sparrows.

Morris says they always keep their nest of grass and feathers nice and clean for the young, “but it doesn’t hurt to brush it out with a hand brush in September and February.” If the family likes it, they return to their favorite site. They thank the “owner” with a morning and evening concert: “Goodbye!”. After that, bed rest is announced.

Ideally, the nesting box should hang 2.50 to three meters below the edge of the roof, but of course a tree will work as well. A sparrow can live up to ten years, usually weighs about 30 grams, is so confident that it sometimes eats off your hand and can, “if it really accelerates,” fly at speeds of up to 40 km/h, Ulrich Morris reports. However, the expert in Naboo has now perfectly prepared her new sparrow friends for their new mission. So really nothing can go wrong.

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