Additional offer for children, youth and parents

Child Protection Association Vice President Elvira Woody (left) welcomes Caritas staff to the Plattlinger rooms: (from right) Managing Director Manuela Stefan, psychiatrist and qualified psychotherapist Dr. Sandra Scheuer, childhood educator Vanessa Ritzinger and qualified educator Regina Littenmayer. − Photo: Häusler

Standing with children and representing their rights – these are the main goals of the Child Protection Association. Elvira Woody, Vice President of Child Protection Association Deggendorf-Plattling, is sure that this works best in collaboration with many expert partners. The fact that the educational, youth and family guidance offered by Caritas can now also be found in rooms on Straubinger Straße 4 to 6 is another important step in the expansion of the network. “I see the need here at Plattling,” Wudy confirms at a joint press event.

“All under one roof”

In the past few months, the Vice President and her team have established frequent contacts with the Education, Youth and Family Counseling Service. It is even better if the Caritas staff are in Plattling at a specific time. This is now possible on Wednesdays from 1pm to 4:30pm. During this time, qualified teacher Regina Leitenmeier and qualified psychologist Xenia Obermaier are available on rotation as experienced professionals. Woody says the “everyone under one roof” mantra lowers the discouragement threshold for seeking additional counseling.

Caritas advises on all matters relating to childhood, youth and family life, because “nurture is not a child’s play, but a hard task”, says one of the publications. The offer is so broad that General Manager Manuela Stefan, psychotherapist and head of the counseling center Dr. Sandra Scheuer, childhood educator Vanessa Ritzinger and qualified educator Regina Littenmayer.

Tips for parents of babies and children

When it comes to sleep problems, eating habits, self-soothing difficulties or challenging stages in infants and toddlers, Vanessa Ritzinger is the person to call. She works with parents to identify the causes and advise on how to solve the problem in question – if necessary on Mondays between 9am and 12pm at the Child Protection Agency in Plattling.

In addition, the counseling center offers help and support on the issue of separation and divorce. Counseling aims to focus on the children of the parents involved, to agree on codes of conduct or to improve communication between the parents. The advice center does not provide legal advice.

Advice about illnesses and concerns

In addition to the previously mentioned concerns, parents also receive information about diseases such as ADD and ADHD or when young people are infecting themselves. The experts report, “Attacking and addiction are also major issues.” Children and young people can also contact Caritas themselves, for example if they are afraid. “When students get their degrees, we’re definitely in demand,” experts say. But young people can also contact the counseling center themselves if they have other concerns, concerns or problems.

Furthermore, Caritas can also be a point of contact for professionals, such as teachers, if there is a risk to the child’s well-being. As “experienced professionals” – as they are officially called – staff can be contacted if there is doubt, in order to carry out a risk assessment with teachers and to plan further steps if necessary.

Elvira Woody emphasizes that the Child Protection Agency takes care of all children, not just poor families. She emphasized that “every child has the same rights,” drawing attention to the holiday program in which all children are, of course, invited.

The consultation is voluntary, free and strictly confidential. The dates are below Telephone number 0991/2905510 to be agreed. You can get more information at or by email to

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