Coupleontour: “The condition is very bad!” Ena is in the hospital

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Worried about Ina: The influencer is in the hospital

Coupleontour: Vanessa and Ina

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Celebrity news today in GALA tape: Coupleontour-Ina in critical condition in hospital +++ “Die Superhändler” star Paco Steinbeck thanks fans +++ Angelina Banek files a complaint against a fan.

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July 13, 2022

‘The condition looks very bad’: The Antor-Ina couple are in hospital

Highly pregnant Vanessa, who makes up the influential Coupleontour duo with her wife Ina, is going through a nightmare that has come true. Because she writes disturbing news: On her Instagram story, she wrote yesterday that “the most terrible thing happened” that “could have happened.” Vanessa explains: “Ena is in the hospital and the condition looks really bad. I can’t tell you exactly what she is at the moment – but she’s not responding and I can’t go to her.”

With the birth of her daughter imminent, Vanessa is now with her mother so she has someone to accompany her “if she starts”. However, at the moment, the influencer can only think of her loved ones. “I am so scared…because I love her so much. […] Please think of them and pray for them,” read the heartbreaking last lines.

Coupleontour: Anxiety from Ina: The influencer is in the hospital


12 July 2022

Paco Steinbeck is back on Instagram with a healthy update

At the end of June 2022, “Die Superhändler” star Paco Steinbeck, 47, had a heart attack in a row. The first was at home. Doctors had to put the reality TV star in an artificial coma after being resuscitated. After waking up, Paco Steinbeck suddenly had a second heart attack. Now, the 47-year-old has posted a video on Instagram.

In the clip, Paco Steinbeck thanked his fans for his many wishes for recovery. It will feel “somewhat better”. It seems that he managed to leave the hospital. Now the antiques dealer is facing a three-week rehab. Steinbeck confirms that he will report to the social media platform from time to time. However, health comes first. His Instagram community wishes the TV star all the best and pleads with him: “Take care of yourself!”

11 July 2022

Angelina Banek is taking legal action against a fan

It’s no secret that social networks are not always friendly and celebrities often receive hate comments. Angelina Banek, 30, is now feeling this firsthand. During a question-and-answer session on her Instagram story, a follower wants to know why she “didn’t notice” that Angelina’s son is with her. The ex-participant of the Bachelor program immediately answered: “Sorry, but what a stupid question, my child is always with me.” The question obviously made Angelina very angry, because as she later revealed, she looked at the follower profile again shortly thereafter.

“Now this is the first time in my career that I am going to file a complaint,” the 30-year-old continues, sharing an excerpt of messages a follower has sent her in the past few weeks. “Don’t be like that, spoiled brat” and “Number zero for your mother” are just two of the many insults Angelina has received. After that, the user probably deleted everything and changed her profile name, telling the wife of Sebastian Banek, 35. “Everything was pre-captured and saved. You probably should have thought about it in advance,” notes Angelina, adding, “I’m very excited about the progress.”

Coupleontour: Anxiety from Ina: The influencer is in the hospital


Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s daughter loves everyday life on the farm

22-year-old Cheyenne Uchenknecht has traded the big city of Berlin with her family for a farm in Austria. The 22-year-old explained on her Instagram story: “We can’t imagine anything better. We love living here with our animals. The best thing is to see how happy the animals are. It makes us even happier.” Cheyenne’s daughter Mafi is also very comfortable, as a picture on social media.

The little girl, who was born on March 26, 2021, is always interested in taking care of animals. This shot shows Muffy running towards a young sheep with a bucket of feed. “Mavi always gives sheep pleasure to lambs,” writes Cheyenne Uchenknecht of the cute photo.

Coupleontour: Anxiety from Ina: The influencer is in the hospital


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