Media event at Ronald MacDonald’s home in Vogtaroth

Vogtareuth (ots) –

Yesterday, companies from the area had the opportunity to learn more about Ronald MacDonald’s new home in Vogtaroit at a media breakfast. During the subsequent tour of the construction site, guests were able to see the progress of the construction of the new parental home for McDonald’s Children’s Help Foundation.

From 2023, families will find a temporary home in 20 apartments on the grounds of the Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, while young patients are treated at the Schoen Clinic across the street.

The structure of Ronald MacDonald’s new home is now complete – the achievement has been used as an opportunity for a media breakfast followed by a site inspection. Here, company representatives present also gained insight into McDonald’s child assistance work and learned more about the construction project for families with critically ill children.

> As an institution, we go there with new construction projects where there is a need for care near the clinic for families with seriously ill children. I am pleased that, in close collaboration with Schon Hospital, we will soon be able to do this offering to families in Vogtaroit as well and thus help them support difficult disease situations.

With its range of medical services, Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth is one of the most important hospitals for the care of critically ill children with neurological and orthopedic diseases in Bavaria and abroad. With this expertise, the clinic attracts young patients from all over Germany. > We take care of families in an emotional emergency, because their child is about to undergo serious surgery, so it is important to have a temporary home nearby, and this proximity is also important for another reason: Parents are the experts in her child We also need this expertise in the medical treatment of the child.

Parents’ home is 23 Ronald McDonald House of the McDonald’s Children’s Aid Foundation. In the future, 450 families here will find a temporary home each year while their child is treated at Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth. McDonald’s Children’s Fund is the client and funds the construction of the parents’ new home from donations. At the information breakfast, entrepreneurs in the area had the opportunity to learn more about the construction project and donation options. He also invited McDonald’s franchisee Michael E. Heineritz, who has been one of the biggest supporters of helping McDonald’s children for decades and will also support the foundation’s new home as a sponsor. > For me, it’s a matter of sharing professional success of course, it’s Ronald MacDonald’s first home in the Rosenheim area, so obviously I have to take responsibility for it and make sure it works.

McDonald’s Children’s Aid is primarily funded by donations, and a significant portion of the donations come from McDonald’s Germany and franchisees; Another part of the companies and individuals comes from the respective region or from other institutions. Yesterday, Alexa Hubert of Rosenheim Savings Banks symbolically handed over a €25,000 grant and thus received the sponsorship of the Play Committee Building in Ronald MacDonald’s home.

During the subsequent inspection of the site, the guests present were able to get an idea of ​​the construction progress and premises, which in addition to family apartments also have comfortable common rooms. After a tour of the house, McCafé’s booth offered guests the opportunity to conclude with a small snack.

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About the house of Ronald MacDonald Vogtaroth

From 2023, the Ronald MacDonald Vogtareuth Home will be a temporary home for families whose critically ill children are treated at Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth. 20 apartments accommodate 4 people for parents and brothers of young patients. Every year we will help about 450 families. The McDonald’s Children’s Aid Foundation, which has been committed to the health and well-being of children in Germany since 1987, is the sponsor of this facility. In addition to the 22 Ronald McDonald’s homes, the non-profit organization operates 6 Ronald McDonald’s oases across Germany in the center of the clinic for young outpatients and their relatives, because proximity to family helps. More information at


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