The magic of road trips: This is how singles think about freedom and love on four wheels

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  • and Parship analyze situations and prepare for individual payment for road trips
  • Survey shows: Men and women have similar ideas about vacations and road trips
  • When booking a rental car, men are more selective and spend more money

Get a taste of the great freedom as a couple and discover the country and its people: Most singles, women and men prefer to go on a road trip with their potential partner rather than friends or relatives. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the leading car rental platform,, and the dating app Parship. However, there are (obvious) differences between the genders when it comes to choosing the right vehicle and willingness to drive. The companies evaluated bookings on the car rental portal about 4.6 million car rental days and surveyed about 1,300 members of the car rental company.

Road trips with your partner are the absolute favorites of both men and women

The individuals surveyed are very spontaneous when it comes to traveling together: About 45 percent of the men surveyed and 48 percent of the women stated that there was never a good time for their first vacation together as a couple. So the only thing that matters here is the feel. There is also no doubt about a suitable companion for a road trip: 61 percent of men and 62 percent of women cannot imagine anyone better than a potential partner for this purpose. Vacations with friends and family can’t keep up with the idea of ​​a romantic getaway: Just under 11 percent of all respondents would want to travel by car with a friend, about 3.5 percent with relatives.

Singles connect road trips with freedom and discovery

The huge popularity of road trips among singles is also reflected in their expectations: About 85 percent of those surveyed are fully convinced that the road trip and the experiences associated with it will strengthen their relationship. Overall, 75 percent would like a trip like this because you get to know the country and its people better. A similarly sized group (63 percent) also agree that road trips feel free and independent – all individual experiences they want to share with a potential partner.

Meanwhile, less than half of bachelors (about 37 percent) fear the possibility of conflict. The majority of respondents reject the statement that road trips with a potential partner can cause conflict.

Men are more selective and spend more money

While men and women are relatively in agreement about the same road trip, the topic of car choice is a source of debate: an assessment of the car rental portal shows that the ‘economy’ category is most popular among women with a 32.6 percent share of the car category. This mainly includes small cars such as the Ford Fiesta. However, the majority of men prefer larger cars: 29.1 percent booked a car in the “compact” category, which is slightly larger and more powerful than the smaller cars.

In general, men seem to place more value on private vehicles than women: when evaluating the percentage of “private vehicles” such as convertibles, SUVs, station wagons and vans, it appears that men book them more than women. The fact that men can be more selective is also reflected in the price they pay: on average, men spend about 50 euros per day on their car, while women only spend 45 euros.

Freder Bechtel, press spokesperson for, comments on the assessment: “A car trip means freedom and discovery of new things. There is a road that can be explored by a car that leads to almost every corner of the country. A car one here offers flexibility that is almost unmatched by transportation.” The great popularity of men and women shows that traveling by car, especially for couples, is an experience that can create many beautiful memories.”

Janine-Michel Cook, Director of Public Relations at Parship Group commented: “The beautiful thing about traveling with your partner is working as a team and striving for a common goal. This brings us together and strengthens the relationship. It is a similar story in our collaboration with I am glad we were able to reconcile Between emotional topics just like love and affection in this way.”

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About the investigation

The study resulted from a collaboration between car rental portal and dating app Parship. For this purpose, data on car rental reservations were collected from and about 4.6 million reservations were evaluated. Additionally, in April 2022, 1,329 politburo members between the ages of 18 and 69 were asked about their position on vacations and road trips with market research institute INNOFACT AG.

about parsnip

Parship is one of the leading dating apps in Germany and Europe. As a leader in online dating, the company has been helping singles find the people who really match them since 2001. College members are active men and women over the age of 25, the majority of whom are looking for a stable partnership. The heart of the Parship Service goes back to the Parship Principle®, the science-based matchmaking process that brings people together with a particularly high opportunity for a relationship.

Parship Healthy Dating is committed to promoting a healthy dating experience: discretion, non-judgmental, honest, exciting. To this end, Parship offers its members a safe space to get to know each other better, as well as a comprehensive suite of one-on-one services and a wide range of information to make the dating experience more personal and better.

As a brand of the Parship Group, Parship is part of the ParshipMeet group, which, with its diversified portfolio of brands, covers the entire spectrum of online dating – from social dating with a strong entertainment focus to serious matchmaking. The ParshipMeet group is part of the ProSiebenSat.1 group.

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