Vacation with Honeymoon: Spring Fever in the Heat Curve

Love wants to be nurtured and nurtured – the holiday gives you enough time and entertainment for this. Don’t worry if, after a few years of being together, you’re out of practice a bit on the topic of big loving gestures. Get inspiration here:

1. Enjoy exclusive symbiosis in a romantic getaway

For a holiday with a honeymoon feel, there are of course suitable and less convenient accommodations. There will not be a relaxed atmosphere in a noisy family resort. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, focus on romance. How about staying in a picturesque summer palace, like the Lerchenhof Palace? Anyone can visit the castle on vacation – but staying in one is an unforgettable experience. If you want to make the most of it with your sweetheart, we recommend the holiday box. There are many different hotels to choose from, in addition to the Lerchenhof, and you can take advantage of the extra security: each holiday fund is valid for more than three years.

With a one night stay in the castle, the romantic ambiance is guaranteed
© Wolfgang Hummer / Lerchenhof قلعة Castle

2. Avoid crowds of tourists

Paris and Rome are the cities of love – Verona might also come to mind for a couple’s getaway via Romeo and Juliet. But going from one long line of tourists to the next, all day long, brings not so much hearts in your eyes as frustration. Fun fact: There’s even Paris Syndrome. This describes the negative mood among tourists that results from the difference between their expectations and the reality of Paris. So: it is better to go to a less “relaxed” travel destination and away from the crowds of tourists in the summer.

It is better to go to hidden places rather than typical travel destinations
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3. Surprise your sweetheart when she arrives

Pamper each other again on vacation. There is no easier place or you will be well supported! Many hotels are open to requests for flowers, chocolates or the like in the room. It is best to contact the hotel in advance or state your request directly when booking.

Imagine your partner’s big eyes when a surprise awaits you as soon as you enter the room
© Pixel Shot – (Leonid iastremskyi)

4. Sunrise on the mountain

Imagine: you and your sweetheart are on top of a mountain. It seems that the whole world is under you. You are on your own – no one bothers this moment. There is already a slight red on the horizon. Together, you will watch the sun slowly rise over the horizon. Watching the sunrise on the mountain together is a very unique and special moment. Incidentally, a great opportunity to propose marriage. Don’t forget the champagne in your backpack!

A moment left: waiting for the sunrise together
© anatoliy_gleb –

5. On horseback or elegant horsepower: ride a carriage or ride a cabrio

The following applies to riding in a wagon: The ride is the reward! This may be old school – but driving together in a carriage to a candlelit dinner simply gives butterflies in the stomach. If you’re planning a summer day activity, on the other hand, a convertible ride with a suitable rental car is a good idea. How about the classic model that you and your cherished bird are using in green? Summer love is in the air!

Like in the movies: Cabrio rides with one of the classic Schloss Lerchenhof
© Robert Asel Photography and Communication

6. Hold a wooden spoon together in the cooking class

It is not summoned for nothing: love passes through the stomach. After all, eating is a very sensory activity. Even when cooked together, sparks can fly tremendously. When you look deeply into each other’s eyes during the subsequent dinner, the flames blaze. Don’t find time in everyday life to stand together in the kitchen? Then book a day off for it! Special tip: Try the slow food in Carinthia. In many of these, you can not only taste excellent products from local producers, but also learn how to prepare them.

With the holiday box to Lerchenhof: With the holiday box “Mountains, Lakes and more” you can choose from several hotels, for example B. Choose Schlosshotel
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