A new love in Erdogan’s club?: Ozil’s “dream wedding” explodes into 1000 pieces

A new love in Erdogan’s club?
Ozil’s “Dream Wedding” is divided into 1000 pieces

Written by David Ndy

Mesut Ozil has to pack his bags just a year and a half after his “dream wedding” with Fenerbahce. In Istanbul, he moves a few kilometers to the Erdogan club Basaksehir. Suits. Ozil’s love-laden search for love and appreciation will remain incomplete there.

This is the story of a young man and his attempt at tenderness again. About people and their longing. About a footballer looking for love, wanting to be loved – and once again failing to make a fuss. Fenerbahce announced on Wednesday that Mesut Ozil’s contract, which runs until 2024, will be terminated with immediate effect. Just a day later, the 33-year-old moved to Basaksehir. The Istanbul-based club is closely associated with Turkey’s autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The story revolves around the world champion in Rio, a quick breakup with his childhood sweetheart – and another chapter of agonizing failure in the career of what was once Germany’s top footballer. Also about a frequent fresh start, which somehow fits in, but in fact can only fail. Because the love that Ozil is looking for, he may no longer find in football. Certainly not with Erdogan.

A few mental steps back. At first, they both have to beat the little strangers. Familiarity is there right away. It is a “dream marriage” between a ball artist and his “friend”. These are Ozil’s words when he signed with Fenerbahce in early 2021. He said at the time: “God gave me the opportunity to wear the Fenerbahce shirt.” The midfielder exudes pride and joy in his thirst for recognition with a cry of belonging.

“you are at home now”

Anyone interested in a yellow parrot will be over the moon at that time. With Ozil, the prestigious Istanbul club should win a championship again after years of failure. The sensitive director likes such attention, affection that he so loudly expressed. “Ozil’s football brand is Fenerbahce’s dream come true,” Turkish newspapers “Milliyet” headline. In a video, even former Fenerbahce stars like Roberto Carlos, Jay-Jay Okocha or Robin van Persie welcome the new Istanbul player. Van Persie says: “I have been a fan of your game for many years, you are a very special player. The way you handle the ball, see passes, provide assists, score goals – that is unique. I am sure you will find them enjoying the game again soon. You are at home now. .”

Now, a year and a half later, it’s all over again. Neither love nor affection. Fun of the game, she and Ozil did not find each other in Fenerbahce. New house, already demolished again. The director did not win a championship, instead being suspended last season and is also under new coach Jorge Jesus out of the championship. The dream wedding explodes into another chapter of failure in Ozil’s highly successful career.

Because what Ozil does with his left foot before his failed stops enchants the entire football world. In Werder Bremen, together with Diego, he ensures that he enjoys playing and wins the DFB Cup in 2009. In Madrid, the talented pass always serves the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with passes so accurate that he just needs to press on them. The Portuguese reacted very upset when Real Madrid presented their best pass maker of 2013 to England.

Very cheesy and very flowery

But after a solid first season at Arsenal, the former world footballer quickly started to fall back. Ozil’s time in London is finally over. Instead of templates, goals and love, he soon gets only a place on the bench. After that, Ozil is no longer even registered in the Premier League, despite his generous salary of 390 thousand euros per week, and he keeps fit only in his garden. Too many slaps in the face for a sensitive game designer. He often refers criticism of his game to himself, writing on Twitter in October 2020: “I swear allegiance and loyalty to Arsenal, the club I love: “It saddens me that this has not been reciprocated.”

Ozil still wants to find that love in Istanbul. In Basaksehir. Alone, he will never be so lucky again. His laden search for loyalty, love, and devotion is what is so hard to achieve in life. Not in the hard soccer field anyway. Ozil wants access. Owning a home that feels comfortable and protected. But his dream wedding with Fenerbahce was very glamorous, exhilarating and busy from the start. Ozil, who always seems shy, if not a little sad, always tries to respond with grandiosity to doubts and setbacks, especially late in his career. Childhood love is a feeling more sincere, warm and true than ever before. But in the aftermath, she is often very naive, superficial, and ignorant.

Basaksehir, dubbed by critics as Erdogan’s club, finished fourth in the Premier League last year by 16 points, and is unlikely to return Ozil to his old and successful times. Although this time he will even receive affection and encouragement from the highest level in the country, Ozil will not achieve the strongest relationship with the president, who is behaving more and more autocratic, in the long run. There is no place for true deep love either in politics or in the test association and the construction of Basaksehir, which has only existed in its current form since 2014, and also aims to be a symbol of Erdogan’s steadily increasing power.

Longing and one last attempt

In some ways, Ozil’s new club seems to be the logical option, and perhaps the last option before moving to Arab or American lands. A renewed bid for love, loyalty and support? Longing for the ruler’s strong, protective arms? Well, the former footballer could at least be photographed with Erdogan before the 2018 World Cup. It may have been an ill-advised decision at the time, but Ozil is often criticized once again with a disproportionate amount of malice. In the face of racist abuse before and during the World Cup, he lamented that “nobody from the national team stood up and said, ‘Stop, this is our player’.”

Ozil separates from the German Federation team and in another way with one of his home countries. This is one of the reasons why he is now looking for a place where he can feel happy again. In Germany you probably won’t see him play again, the relationship is still very murky. When he made a guest appearance with Fenerbahce at Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League last September, his first appearance in that country since the resignation of the German Football Association, he was spat on him with a lot of hate. And Mesut Ozil, who can blame the illustrious game designer, is still looking for the exact opposite.

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