Angelo Kelly: Oops! He makes his fans laugh with his stage mistakes

The hit news of the day at GALA Tape: With this stage bug, Angelo Kelly made his fans laugh +++ Jasmine Wagner and Frank Seibel officially divorced +++ Beatrice Egli’s grandparents are dead.

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July 14, 2022

Angelo Kelly Makes Fans Laugh With Stage Mistakes

Like the rest of his family, Angelo Kelly has a sense of humor that he’s proven time and time again. Same thing now! On his Instagram account, the 40-year-old posted a video that was taken during his concert. The clip shows how Angelo wants to jump on a lively stage, but misses it.

He skips the stairs, skates, and lands on his knees. He doesn’t seem to have injured himself as he immediately jumps up and starts laughing. He also made his followers smile with his literal “step”. In addition to countless laughing emojis, comments such as “Skilfully flown” or “the more elegant you should look” are collected under the post. Actress and singer Kim Fisher, 53, is also enthusiastic, writing: “I love it.”

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July 13, 2022

Yasmine Wagner’s divorce is official: “Full of anticipation for everything that awaits me now.”

In 2015, Jasmine Wagner, 42, gave her vows to entrepreneur Frank Seibel, 50. But the marriage lasted only five years. In 2020, love is out in the open. But for the singer, parting is not a reason for sadness, but a new opportunity and an exciting stage in life that can be celebrated. Wagner now announces on Instagram that her husband’s divorce is officially over.

“Divorce is okay. Separation is okay. Starting over is okay. Moving forward is okay. Being alone is okay. What’s not okay is staying in a place that is not appreciated and appreciated,” writes Little Flowers on one of the pictures. In the photo, the 42-year-old holds a sign that reads “Just Divorced”. [zu Deutsch: frisch geschieden] In camera. Confetti fly. Jasmine Wagner radiates happily in the sky. “Full of anticipation for all that is in store for me now [sic]’, she explained.

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Jasmine Wagner has been in love again since 2021. A Dane conquered the singer’s heart. “He’s Danish, in his mid-30s and an entrepreneur in the fashion industry,” she revealed at the time.

12 July 2022

Beatrice Egli has lost her grandparents

There are tears of joy when Beatrice Egli, 34, spoke after her performance in Florian Silbereisen, 40, “Schlagerstrandparty 2022” about her new song “Full Risk” and her current life. But joy mingles with sadness and pain. The musician lost her beloved grandparents, the artist tells ARD.

“Time on this planet is too short,” explains the Swiss woman, crying. “Eight weeks ago I lost my grandparents. They told me: Always do what you love and only regret what you haven’t done.” Beatrice Egli developed a warm relationship with her grandparents and showed them both after visits from time to time on her Instagram account. No one could fill the void left by grandfather and grandmother. However, after this loss, you feel more “Always aware of the gift of time in life,” she once told Bild.

Beatrice Egli and her grandparents Magrid and Fritz Egli on the occasion of the ARD TV show Big Anniversary Celebration on March 22, 2014

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Patrick Locke, captain of the “Höhner” team, has entered into a marriage union

The fairy tale in white of new “Höhner” singer Patrick Lock, 45, has now come true. The artist, who is supposed to replace Cologne music legend Henning Krautmacher, 65, got married at the end of the year on the mic. This is shown by the dream-like wedding photos that the artist shared on his Instagram account on July 11, 2022.

“There are places on the earth where the sun kisses the earth and there are places where the earth is close to the sky.” [sic]. With this romantic poetry, Patrick Locke posts five magical photos of his civil wedding in Remagen Rolandsbogen, a beautiful site with Perhaps the most beautiful view of the Rhine Valley. In the partner’s cream-colored look, the singer and his girlfriend said yes. It is not known the name of his newly married wife and when exactly the wedding took place.

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Patrick Lock will soon replace Henning Krautmacher after more than three decades. According to his own statements, the musician from the popular cult group Cologne wants to “retire from work at the end of the year,” he explained to RB Online. He has been on stage with Lück since November 2021. “People will recognize Patrick and see for themselves that he is a great original musician, singer and artist who can pilot the ship himself at the end of the year,” confirms Krautmacher.

11 July 2022

Jürgen Drews defends himself after criticism of his career

Jürgen Drews, 77, announced the end of his career on Saturday night, July 9, 2022, with tears in his eyes. In the show “The Big Schlager Beach Party 2022 – Here We Are Again!” Written by Florian Silberezen, 40, the singer said in One Player: “Since I was at an age where others retired for a long time, I also said to myself: ‘It’s okay at some point’.” Drews wants to say goodbye “before I really crash.” The musician would like to complete his last performance at the end of the year. Above all, his health made him take this step. The “King of Mallorca” suffers from a terminal neurological disease that limits his ability to move. During a tour he noted that “the side effects of aging catch up with me more quickly and that the gradual process of my neuropathy can unfortunately not be completely stopped.”

Not all fans are showing their understanding of his decision. The criticisms do not leave Jürgen Drews cold. “I’m actually above that,” the 77-year-old said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. “But it’s a shame to be criticized for your age.” For pop singers, it’s totally normal that in old age everything doesn’t work out the way it used to. “This is the natural course of nature,” Drews said. “We all age. I am no exception.”

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