Children and infants in the Ruhr region in danger – cities are sounding the alarm

Essen warns of extreme heat. Other cities in Ruhr region Sound the alarm. above all children And the Children They are now in great danger!

Babies and Babies in the Ruhr Region They may soon be exposed to temperatures they are not used to. Common temperatures in Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg and Co. are also unusual for the region in summer – there is talk of up to 40 degrees.

Cities warn of extreme temperatures — and have top tips for parents

Various cities in the Ruhr region have issued warnings in the past few days. The city of Essen has once again pointed out how dangerous extreme temperatures can be for vulnerable groups – including the homeless, the elderly and children.

The latter is a special case, because they cannot protect themselves from the temperatures on their own, but rely on the help of their parents or other caregivers. “Children and infants especially depend on adults to look after them responsibly – youngsters do not yet know the best way to behave when it is very hot,” says Carsten Blum, head of the Essen Youth Welfare Office. for all parents.

“Summer heat is coming in Germany this week and next. Temperatures can reach such extremes that endangering health. It is said that tropical temperatures can be very stressful for the body. In cooperation with the Youth Welfare Office and the Health Department, a development has been developed,” the city of Essen said in a statement. A few tips for parents:

  • In the case of children, pay special attention to protection with sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a must in strong sunlight – especially for children. Parents should ensure that it has a high sun protection factor and blocks UVA and UVB rays. Don’t forget to apply the lotion to your nose, ears, feet and shoulders: “This also applies when the sky is overcast.” Parents of children should keep in mind that, according to the Federal Center for Health Education, sunscreen should not be used in the first year of life, as it places undue stress on the sensitive skin of young children.

“In terms of clothing, parents should make sure that children always have something on their head,” says Julian Bucher, head of the health department in Essen. A cover-up with neck protection and breathable clothing is recommended.

  • Avoid direct sunlight for children!

As gentle as it is in the sun, toddlers and children under three in particular, should not be in the shade only. The same goes there: don’t forget to wear a hat with neck protection and clothing with UV protection! In the pool or paddling pool, children must wear a hat and shirt.

  • Protect children from the heat: drink as often as necessary!

The city appeals to “in the summer, even small bodies need more fluid.” We recommend using water, unsweetened fruit tea, or apple spray. At temperatures of 30 degrees and more, the amount you drink should double or even triple.

  • If called, no heavy meals – ice cream allowed

Especially when it’s hot, kids often have little or no appetite. According to experts, light dishes such as salads, yogurt or quark dishes are suitable as meals. Of course, ice cream can also be squeezed into the hands of young children in the summer – but in moderation.

  • Don’t forget the afternoon nap!

Anyone planning strenuous activities should do so in the morning or evening. Direct sun should be avoided between 11 AM and 4 PM.

  • Do not leave children alone in the car!

Tragedies keep happening because a car can turn into a heat trap in a matter of minutes. Parents sometimes underestimate it. “Please take this warning seriously and do not leave your children alone in the car – not even for a few minutes,” appealed Julian Boucher from the Essen Department of Health.

  • Ventilation only under supervision

If the weather is hot, it is recommended to ventilate in the morning. But this poses a risk: “Parents should always stay in the room with their children when broadcasting. If you have to leave the room, close the window. Time and time again, young children climb out of the window and fall,” explains Carsten Blum.

  • In case of sunburn: Get the child out of the sun immediately

Despite all the caution, children can get sunburn. Now cold compresses, lukewarm showers and anti-inflammatory gels help. In the event of severe sunburn accompanied by severe skin tension or fever, the following applies: Immediately to the pediatrician!

  • Heat tips especially for kids

Protecting children from the sun is vital to them! Baby’s sensitive skin burns out in the sun after just a few minutes.

In principle, babies who are still breastfed do not need any additional fluid. However, if it’s particularly hot, the little ones should be breastfed more frequently than usual, and the prams or buggies should be covered with UV-resistant cloth or umbrellas. Mothers or fathers who have their children in a baby carrier should also carry an umbrella.


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In hot weather, children should also be stripped of their underwear or only sleep in their diapers. “If the body becomes too hot and can no longer emit enough heat through sweating, heat stroke occurs. This is very dangerous, especially for children who are wearing very warm clothes or lying in very hot cars. (A)

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