TV Tips for Kids Today: Here’s What Happens on “Sesame Street Presents: A Carrot for Two”

What are the beautiful children’s programs on TV today? Find out with our recommendations for this Saturday. Watch a children’s show with Martin Reinl, Holger Dexne or John C. Reilly and have a warm time.

Today, on Saturday, you were looking for a kid-friendly program in Free TV? From 7.45 in the morning you can expect the most beautiful children’s programs on TV. Settle down and watch an animated bridal series, animal series, or children’s series. These are our recommendations:

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The Muppets Animated Series: “Sesame Street Presents: A Carrot for Two” with Martin Rennell and Robert Messler (7:45 a.m. on KiKa)

Everything must remain the same: Wall loves it better when everything is always the same: the same breakfast, then reading the newspaper, then fiddling with his machines – always the same daily routine. The horse does not think it is cool, it likes to do and try new things. The two got into an argument and withdrew insulted. But that’s not a lot of fun either. Placebo Patient: It’s Carrot House Cleaning Day! But Pferd doesn’t feel like helping at all when his favorite series is on TV.

This animated series by Joachim Wolff with Martin Rennell as Puppeteer-Wolf, Robert Meisler as Puppeteer-Gunny, Martin Bass as Puppeteer-Wolf, Karsten Morar-Havke as Puppeteer-Horse, and Julia Stenshoff in Julia and Olaf Gladziewski’s role as a hand-to-hand player promises 25 minutes of entertainment.

Animal Series: “Anna and the Pets” (10:05 a.m. on KiKa)

Marine fish: Anna visits marine explorer Robert. You are building the perfect marine aquarium for beginners. This includes a lot of technology: water and flow pumps, a heating element, and a scraper. Anna fills the pool with salt water, and the interior features live rock and coral. Only sea fish are missing. Anna knows where to look: clown fish hide in anemones, and Robert has a net for cardinal fish.

This series of animals kika It takes 15 minutes.

Children’s Series: “Schmecksplosion – #WE Celebrate!” With Holger Dexne (11:45 a.m. on KiKa)

African snacks for soccer pros: Until now, cooking wasn’t really one of Otto and Lionel’s interests. The hearts of the two friends beat with football. Whether on the seat or on the console – the tour should go into the box! And today only round homemade “botokin”, a type of African lard that the two want to prepare for their soccer buddies. A special surprise awaits one of the guests when they nibble on the African dough ball. The recipe for her planned party comes from Togo, the home of the Lionel family.

This kids’ series with Holger Dexne on KiKa lasts 15 minutes.

Portrait: “Your song – a hit, a story” (2:55 p.m. at KiKa)

Milow and “ASAP”: With “ASAP”, Belgian singer and musician Milow had a real summer hit. As soon as possible – as soon as possible – as soon as possible. The acronym ASAP is often used in emails to make something really urgent. But what does Milo mean by that? Twelve-year-old twins Ann and Neil would like to know. Also why does Milow sing in his song: “8 Days a Week”, when a week is only 7 days. Michelle meets Milo at Krefeld Zoo, Milo’s idea! He loves zoos, and thinks zoos lie a little bit between town and country.

This picture on KiKa lasts for 15 minutes.

Children’s magazine: “Checker Tobi” (7:25 p.m. at KiKa)

As “Checker Tobi,” Tobias Krell gets to the bottom of all the topics that interest kids – from the Stone Age to space travel. He helps his colleague Can Mansuroglu, who has been asking weird questions with the name “Checker Can” since 2011.

This children’s magazine on KiKa lasts 25 minutes.

Animation: “Chaos im Netz” with John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman (8:15 p.m. Saturday 1)

Ralph and his girlfriend Vanellope plunge into the depths of the World Wide Web: Vanellope’s existence is threatened when “Sugar Rush”, in which she works as a racing driver, is shut down. The only remedy is spare parts, which you have to bid on Ebay. So they quickly set out on an adventure and discover an online world far from a game library, which quickly descends into chaos as a result of Ralph’s rampage.

This animated Phil Johnston movie stars John C. Reilly as Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweitz, Gal Gadot as Shank, Taraji B. Henson as Yesss, Jack McBrair as Felix, and Jane Lynch as Calhoun.

If you are looking for exciting movies, series or other sports programs in TV show, you will find them in our section the news Many TV recommendations.

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