Who wants to give a flea cat a chance from the shelter?

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Italians with a Mood: Who Wants to Give a Cat Flea a Second Chance?

Photo: Clara Richenberg/Berlin Animal Shelter

Flea is an elderly cat who is currently living in an animal shelter in Berlin and is looking for a new home.

The animal shelter in Berlin is teeming with dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and much more: about 1,400 animals live there – and they hope for a new home. So do fleas: Do you want to give the cat a chance?

Why are animals abandoned? It’s hard to say: many are probably overwhelmed with care and fantasize about living together to be easier or at least different. It is a good thing that there are a number of animal shelters in Germany that look after and take care of these poor creatures.

But this is not always: there are a very large number of animals – that is why such stations should be a temporary place of residence. But you can help: Wouldn’t you love to give a dog, cat or small animal a chance and give them a loving environment? We regularly present you to residents Animal shelter in Berlin. Today: Cat Flea is looking for a new home.

Residents of the Berlin animal shelter are looking for a home – today: Cat Flea

The topic of explosive costs is currently affecting many people – apparently including the former owner of Flea, who abandoned her cat at an animal shelter in Berlin because she could no longer keep him and receive medical treatment.

The flea comes from Italy and has the right mood, as it should be. The handsome cat spent his whole life there. A few months ago he moved to Germany with his then lover. He’s since changed: It’s quite possible that a trip in the transfer case shocked him. In addition, the environment in which he was accustomed for many years suddenly changed.

So the flea needs a lot of time to process what happened. At first he was a bit far away and also needed a lot of space for himself. After a long period of acclimatization, he is then shown to be gentle and balanced.

The flea is a little older, but still very graceful

A quiet home would be great for sensitive cats – with people who value their personality. If a flea is insecure and stressed, it tends to act defensively. Therefore, he needs very sympathetic and experienced people who treat the cat with care. It is not suitable for a family with young children: it takes experience to be able to assess whether touching is too much for him. It is also not recommended to have other cats or any other animals in the house.

A home with access to the garden, ideally through a cat flap or a human door opener, would also be great. Fleas may be older, but this does not bother the light-hearted cat: despite age-related diseases of the musculoskeletal system – arthritis of the hips and spondylosis of the cervical vertebrae – he independently opens the doors and combs through the cat’s house for food.

Flea has a very distinctive and lively voice, which the cat loves to use when he wants something. It would be nice not to have thin walls or a neighborhood in need of rest, fleas are treated free of charge for life at the Berlin Veterinary Clinic for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. By the way, he takes the prescribed analgesics in the morning without any problems, hidden in a treat.

Obvious features of fleas:

operator number






a race

European Shorthair (EKH)

date of Birth

March 2011 (11 years old)


about 35 cm


about 5 kg

In shelter ever since

February 14, 2022

suitable for

People who are sensitive and experienced in cats and have the possibility to go to the garden

not suitable for

Other animals in the house

The staff at the animal shelter is sure: A flea will be a wonderful and affectionate friend to anyone who decides to get a cat – provided the environment is appropriate. Would you like to give him a home? Then please contact the animal keepers of Samtpfötchen-Haus and send a meaningful email with a description of your living conditions including past cat experience, contact details and phone availability to velvetpfoechenhaus2@tierschutz-berlin.de.

Of course, not only Flea is happy with his successful placement in a loving home: many other animals are waiting for him, too! At tierschutz-berlin.de you will find animal residents, as well as a lot of information about the animal shelter, such as how to donate or volunteer, as well as a lot of useful information about adopting an animal.

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