Harry Styles and his simple message of love and self-acceptance

Through the Love On Tour, Harry Styles has established himself as the pop star of the century.

By Susi Ondrochova

Legal Guardians violently typing on their mobile phones in front of the Stadthalle Wien, holding their flashlights and shouting “But I’m standing here! Where are you?”. These are the pictures you see when you leave the place. 11,000 visitors leave the building and take their memories home. Seat cushions, drinking bottles, and leftovers are reminiscent of an afternoon when large crowds of people gathered at the entrance. Anyone with a ticket to the seating area, the Golden Circle, would of course want to be up front in the front row, if at all. Feathered boas and pink cowboy hats are part of the dress code on the Love On Tour scene.

“Be whoever and whatever you want to be!” It is the preamble that the musician tells the audience every evening at his concerts. And: “Your only job tonight is to have fun!” Harry Styles fan prom accessories are not stuffed animals, they are Pride flags. The tools to heighten the concert atmosphere are not just your vocal chords, but the Post-Its rainbow, which is scrolled through seating areas with a request to turn a mobile phone into colored lights during the song “Lights Up.”

Wolf Alice as a backing law

Mitsky, Arlo Parks, and Wolf Alice are the names of the bands Harry Styles chose to support his tour. The July dates are for London Wolf band Alice, who won the Mercury Award for their 2017 album Visions of Life and took home the Best Festival award at this year’s NME Awards. Wolf Alice has more in common with Harry Styles’ understanding of pop music than meets the eye. The former One Direction singer might not get into the vocal range of riot Wolf Alice in “Play The Greatest Hits” or “You A Gem,” but what kind of love and life songs and polyphonic as far as singing go, you couldn’t ask for a job Better support. Whoever sings “Matilda” will also sing along with “Safe From Heartbreak.” Reality. Don’t try it at home!

In an FM4 interview, Theo and Ellie talked about how Wolf Alice felt on this tour with Harry Styles: “It was incredible. We were amazed by the reactions from the crowd!”

Harry Styles is the effect of his own show

Pyro, colored paper confetti, dancers, props, costume changes or visuals, so that everyone in the last row is banished: Top-chart league stars like Harry Styles can use a big bag of tricks. The stage is simple: colorful platforms on which the six-piece troupe sits and a viewing platform. The effect of the show on “Love On Tour” is Harry Styles only. Most are dressed on the tour like a piece of pop art, this time with checkerboard pants and a shirt with kiwi embroidered on the chest. The clumsiness in the choreography that made such beloved actors from his former band One Direction roll right here. The slogan could also be “Dance like no one’s watching”. The hip joints swing and the elbows dance. For particularly dramatic drums, there’s the Freddie Mercury grip.

Anthony Pham

Concert photos from Munich, photos from Vienna still take their time.

Compared to the long-awaited concerts. Where the audience screams, the word-familiar audience takes on the role of chorus at Harry Styles concerts. They join all rock tracks, folk ballads, and disco-funk interludes. An indoor concert doesn’t have to be a one-way stream, it has to be a communicative group, there’s the good old-fashioned sign of that! On the Golden Circle you can see fans with a “I’m leaving my job for this tour” sign. Another says “Will you design my next tattoo?” One Marker and Cardboard fan reveals that the song “Medicine” is the only antidepressant that helps.
A fan who has relationship problems will also be advised of a one-on-one session that evening.

Concert as a safe space

Pop star Harry Styles invites his concerts to Safe Spaces, where you have to look the person sitting next to you in the eye and say “I love you” before you say it to yourself. This Harry Styles is the opposite of the musician who sits on an arrogant pedestal and allows himself to be admired. Nothing is easier than yelling “You were great!” to the public every evening. After all, Harry Styles is also an actor, but he does not live on another planet. He seems very humble and never tires of thanking everyone who has accompanied him in the last few years of his career. The kisses in the audience, the pleas of thanks he spreads in all directions as he exits the stage: a poignant and contagious emotion. o made it? We did it!

Harry Styles means inclusion and self-acceptance. Leonie knows it too, and is a front-row fan who asks Harry Styles with a “Help me out” sign. Harry Styles fulfills this wish with a pride flag dance and thunderous applause. What if life outside the walls of the concert hall was friendly and wonderful? If every challenge in everyday life was answered with a mischievous smile, a winning pose, a swing of the hips, or a little elbow dance? A Harry Styles concert is like a good mood filler. Load yourself up too and as much as possible. Take everything you can take with you. hands and hearts. Be good. You are very golden.

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