Mini Zwickau started: the children take the scepter | Opinion

Today, Mini Zwickau Children’s Playground has started. Children aged 7-14 can imitate the life and work of adults again until July 29, savoring different jobs and having a lot of fun doing them.

The starting shot has been fired

In Nicolaischule, the venue, the starting signal was given for Mini Zwickau at 9am today. The keys were festively handed over to the children and there was nothing to stop them. About 200 girls and boys stormed their city. For 14 days the kids grab the wand again, look for a job, or go to work, earn money in the form of the game pince-nez town, and save it or spend it again within the play town. There are more than 30 beautifully furnished businesses with more than 200 jobs available to children, including a citizen service, photo studio, post office, store, Children’s City Press, pharmacy, and garden center. The fastest jobs were set in the tattoo studio, at the Knusper bakery, at the amusement park and at the thrift bank.

Election campaign in Mini Zwickau

“Tomorrow things will get to work, then the election campaign will begin in Mini Zwickau. Anyone wishing to apply for mayor or mayor can apply. Candidates will spend the whole day with specific ideas, suggestions for improvement or highlights Spielstadt in the hot stage on Wednesday, as All the citizens of a town can elect their town leaders, and this will be announced at the town meeting in the afternoon”; According to the organizers.

Many visitors are also expected to visit, such as the volunteer fire brigade, play city patrons and the rescue dog rescue squadron. In addition, on Thursday also scheduled to show a movie in the gymnasium – in keeping with the midsummer weather – several water attractions in the Market Square (School Square).

Organizers write: “Anyone in the mood to participate is welcome. There are still places left every day, as not every child has been registered for the two weeks. Simply come to Spielstadt in Nikolaischule, register at the residents’ registration office and outside the participation fee goes 2 euros / day / Child. Zwickau Pass or Zwickau Family Pass holders pay only €1 per day (proof required). Lunch cost €1/day/child.

Business hours and registrations

Spielstadt is open until Friday 29 July 2022 daily from 9am-4pm (except Saturday and Sunday). Play City is open to everyone on Fridays from 2 p.m. Then parents and grandparents can also stroll around the Mini Zwickau and/or watch the busy activities of their children from the parents’ café. Access is taboo for them on all other days.

Registration is now possible in the children’s and youth café “Atlantis” (Eckersbach district), in the Marienthal Leisure Center (Marinthal district), in the youth café / theater “City Point” (City Centre), the youth club “Airport” (Neuplanets) or directly every A day in the small town, if the remaining places are available.

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