WoW Dev says: Some fans have an aggressive issue

Most game lovers can only shake their heads at the ever-evolving narrative of developers who put up with the aggressiveness of dissatisfied gamers. Yes, games allow you to emotionally connect with a character and immerse yourself in a virtual world. This is more difficult with other media, such as movies or series.

This emotion and emotion, as good as it can be and positive, can also turn out to be the exact opposite. But with all the feelings that you carry with you, you should not negatively affect others; Do not threaten or intimidate them. Instead, you should express your criticism objectively and calmly, because then you will be taken seriously.

Unruly and reckless rumors

It’s stupid that there are so many gamers out there who vent their hatred of a game feature, even the smallest, unfiltered, unpolished changes on the internet – and then go so far as to personally insult, insult and threaten game developers. This phenomenon has been publicly denounced by the developers for several months and years.

Has anything changed in the behavior of aggressive players so far? No it is not true. On the other hand, this can be seen from the fact that the debate between developers flares up again and again. And on the other hand, because it is even possible for developers to make comparisons between one game enthusiast and another. For example, Blizzard developer “Celestalon” Nervig could do something like this. He once worked on the World of Warcraft team (Buy now ), now upgraded to Hearthstone’s Features Lead. It speaks of impressive differences between the two societies, which fuels thought.

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