10 annoying slogans that will drive one woman crazy

Well-intentioned advice
10 annoying slogans that will drive one woman crazy

It’s hard to say which spell you find scariest when you’re single.

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“Tomorrow is another day” … for acquaintance, for surrender, for a new beginning or just to say: these 10 sayings upset every woman and should be urgently deleted from the well-designed collection of advice.

You just broke up or you’ve been single for a while, there are two situations that are almost guaranteed to get one of the following sayings. Please raise your hand, who among you has not heard a saying like “other mothers also have beautiful sons”?

Most sayings of this kind are well-meaning advice from friends and family, but they often aren’t just chewed up and meaningless because they only bother you as a single person. Many know the situation in which you complain to your girlfriend about your lonely and slightly desperate suffering, namely, who may be taken with pleasure, and then write one or even several such sentences. Well-meaning, yes. But doesn’t that make you more angry? Yes too.

1. “Chin: Each bowl has a lid”
Many people know this saying, and the often sweet answer to it from some women is “Then I might be a frying pan”. Phew, please leave the question and this answer.

2. “Oh, you don’t have to look. You always fall in love when you least expect it.”
Aha, and if I’m not looking and the friends I took in the first place rarely leave the house with parents and relatives, where does a potential partner come from? Jumped off my couch?

Singles sayings are often meant to end the topic

3. “Be more open”
Exactly, because you don’t have to be that when dating these days. So did anyone mess around with a list of bullets and only get one result? As a rule, you usually underestimate the demands of your future partner anyway, and then hear such a saying only blame yourself.

4. “Your husband must bake first.”
It means in a funny way that you can immediately abandon the search, because there is no partner for you and your desires. He rarely laughed so much.

5. “Love at first sight for teens anyway”
Yes, because love and feeling depend on age? Unfortunately not according to the truth. A teenager can find love and affection at first sight, just like an older person. The wonderful feeling of love is not measured by age and maturity.

6. “If you are not careful, you will become a bitter spinster.”
Who does this sentence come from? Especially when you’re already looking for a partner, it’s insulting to hear something like that. You can’t just “bake” yourself. But as an old maid, in order to further cliché, you throw cats at this slanderer, just like in The Simpsons.

7. “Men don’t like women to be too independent.”
Unfortunately, even today it is still a widespread attitude that few openly talk about. And even if this applies to one man or the other, the one who expects a 1950s housewife at the stove when he comes home like a superhero and brings money with him is probably the right one.

My time and loneliness are two different things

8. “You need to change the loot pattern”
So I date someone I hate looking at or who makes you sleep? There is no guarantee that there will be someone in the dating market who will suit you, regardless of your appearance, personality, job or hobby. So why head down to your own taste?

9. “The right person for you has not yet come” or “You will find a better person”
This is not written in stone anywhere, and sentences like this are often used to quickly and more or less elegantly get a subject on which one is unhappy, say, off the table.

10. “It’s really good to be alone, and I often miss him”
It’s so cool to hear something like this from your married girlfriend who has kids and your ears are ringing in silence. Everyone wants to spend more or less time alone. No one usually wants to be alone or even lonely all the time.

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