7 tips on how to help animals in the spring

Finally spring is here! Not only are we humans flocking out when the first rays of the sun arrives, there is also a lot going on in the forest, park, and garden. Many animals can use our help now. We have some helpful tips for you on how to help animals in the spring.

1. Feed the birds

Birds should not be fed only in the cold winter, when the search for food becomes more difficult due to the snow cover. In the spring, birds need a lot of energy during the nesting season. However, concrete gardens and industrial areas severely limit the food supply, so additional feeding in the spring is most welcome.

When breastfeeding, make sure you are getting the proper food supply. Different bird species have different needs when it comes to choosing food and where to feed. In addition, it is better to buy organic feed – not only for the health of birds, but also to prevent the spread of harmful environmental toxins. Birds are also happy with small basins of water for drinking and bathing.

Birds in the feed and water basin

2. Feed the weak bees

If you see a weak bumblebee or a bee on the ground that can’t fly any further, give it a little energy boost: a solution of water and sugar. Just put a few drops in front of the animal. You will see: the bee stretches its trunk and drinks it quickly. After a short time, she was ready to go again. You can also get a new pipette or syringe bottle from the drugstore and fill it with sugar water. You can also help the bees on the go.

3. Put your dog on a leash

There are a lot of little animals in the jungle now. Even if your dog doesn’t go hunting in the woods, he may find many scents more exciting this time of year. And you also have to be careful with the tow line – little rabbits, land keepers or other animals can lie next to the jungle path in the woods or in the grass and a quick jump of the dog is enough. It goes without saying that you have to stay on the tracks in the jungle.

A man running with a dog in the woods

4. Save dog hair for birds

If you have a dog that has a lot of coat that you have now combed, make the hair available to the birds. They line up their nest with her. However, long, wired hair can pose a danger to young birds. Of course, you can still attach the nested boxes.

5. Don’t tidy up the garden yet

If you have a garden, do not over-arrange it:

  • What you are now cleaning up or slowly cutting down shouldn’t be tossed in compost or shredded just yet, because butterfly cocoons can still hatch. So, simply store it in a corner – many insects will be delighted with a pile of dead wood.
  • And please do not scratch the grass: birds use moss to build their nests.
  • If you still want to remove the leaves, please do not use the leaf blower, as this kills insects and pollutes the air. So instead of a little exercise with a rake.
  • Bee-planting mixtures, which can now be bought everywhere. These bee meadows are not only beautiful to look at, but they also provide insects – and thus also hedgehogs and other small animals – a foundation for life, which many cultivated flowers cannot provide. Even the flower box on the balcony works wonders.
bee on flower

6. Carrying spiders outside

Spiders or other small animals keep getting lost in the apartment. As usual, it is better to get a jar and a postcard, then carefully place the jar on the animal, sliding the paper under it. Then you can easily take the reptile outside.

7. Helping hedgehogs forage for food

If you have a garden and a hedgehog is visiting it now, you can help get food and water. Because the animals lost an average of 30 percent of their body weight during hibernation and are now very weak. You can help the animals through this difficult stage with a small bowl of water and some food. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the correct diet for hedgehogs in advance!

How to help animals in the spring

Spring is also the time of young animals, and therefore there are whistling and squeaking in forests, paths and gardens. But when do baby animals need help? Information and advice can be found on our website:

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