98% of children in Achern have access to a childcare place

Jams are reduced

The new day care center on the Glashütten site in Achern ensures relaxation while caring for children. For the first time, central registration is possible online.

Additional Childcare Options: In mid-October, the first children will move to the new Glas Hütten Land day care center in Achern.

Photo: Michaela Gabriel

There will be some changes to childcare by the City of Achern from September. For example, parents have the option to receive a proportional refund of kindergarten fees if at least 22 hours of childcare are lost in one month. You must submit a written request for this.

The fees will increase by about four percent from September. The Administrative, Cultural and Social Committee of the Municipal Council approves the regulations proposed by the municipality.

The Glas Hütten Land day care center on the former Glashütten site is new to the portfolio. It stands right behind B3’s noise firewall and is currently still very much a scaffold. It is scheduled to go into operation on October 17, and will officially open at the end of October. In order to be able to operate six groups there, 18 new full-time employees are needed.

Good applications for a new day care center on the Glashütte site in Achern

The city administration has received “many good requests” for the new day care centre, according to Lord Mayor Klaus Motasch. The manager is already on duty and will work in an office at Town Hall until the building is completed.

Including a new daycare center, the city of Achern will operate seven kindergartens in the future, just like the Catholic parish. From October, there will be 31 groups with 604 childcare places and 77 full-time jobs in municipal day care centers. The church’s day care centers offer 33 groups with 657 places and approximately 75 full-time positions.

Overall, Achern has 1,261 childcare places for children aged one year and school age from October onwards. The personnel costs that the city has to spend for approximately 152 full-time jobs amount to €8.66 million.

Acherner parents can select three favorite kindergartens online

161 children were registered for childcare in the new pre-registration registry in 2022. At church day care centers, registration was still done through a personal visit to the day care center. They should move to the electronic procedure from 2023. Online, parents can specify their wishes and three kindergartens are suitable for them.

In the first year, 138 children received direct approval for the facility they wanted, and others were “redirected” to the new kindergarten, which many did not yet know about. There are still 45 places available for children over the age of three for the New Year in kindergarten. There are also free places for children aged three to six years in Jamshorst. For children under the age of three, demand continues to outpace supply.

So the Mösbach Kindergarten will be expanded by one group in the new Kindergarten Year. There, a new group of young children are moving into the former gym, which is currently used as a staff room. Next, the nursery management and team use rooms in the community hall. According to Klaus-Dieter Kramer, head of the department, 98 percent of registered children will be offered a childcare place.

Playgroups for Ukrainian children

When asked by Heike Schwenk (Acherner Bürger Liste), Mayor Klaus Motasch emphasized that no distinction was made between nationalities. Children of asylum seekers are usually registered by social workers or caregivers. There are playgroups for Ukrainian children. In the event that there are very few childcare places available, preference is given to working mothers and single mothers.

“We’re glad the bottlenecks are fading,” said Edgar Gillies of the Liberal Voters. CDU welcomes central registration, according to city counselor Kristen Roach. Nils Gunwich (The Greens) states that fees are a “unique force” for parents in some forms of care. Several board members have criticized that Ashern nurseries offer too little training. Suspension

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