Kim Fisher: Self-love ‘makes you feel good’

Self-love ‘makes you feel good’

Kim Fisher will release her album What For Life on July 22.

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Presenter Kim Fisher starts over as a singer. In the interview she talks about self-love and the ups and downs in life.

Music has accompanied “Riverbot” presenter Kim Fisher (53) throughout her life. Nearly 20 years after her last album, she’s now releasing a longtime single: “Was fürs Leben” coming out July 22. In an interview with Spotlight on the News, Fisher spoke about her impatience, which she found “especially stressful” and why she’s the “best lightning rod” for herself.

Her new album is about the ups and downs of life. Which ones do you remember?

Kim Fisher: The ups and downs – if it wasn’t for one, none of the others would be either. It seems that this law of life will remain. Only when I first saw the cover of Can Force Liben, when it all started to roll, I seriously thought: Now you’re really happy, please don’t let anything happen to turn the feeling into the opposite.

In the way of growth, there are always departments or situations that do not work. I imagined it differently. Work, love and health. But I am convinced that the depth of the depths is already determined by us. I definitely aim for heights. And I have to say it works really well too. Because I can now also count on the fact that I know how to handle so-called dips pretty well.

The song “Alle Fehler” is about mistakes and weaknesses in life that one learns from. Is there something wrong with you in particular that you are grateful for today?

Fisher: Accepting your mistakes is a huge challenge. I have to laugh at myself now. I always tell everyone that some trait or sensitivities have bitten into my DNA, it simply belongs to me, it’s just me.

But with some corresponding themes and errors, I also ask myself why I do the same shit over and over again. I find my impatience particularly tiring. I know it wouldn’t be faster if I took a deep breath, rolled my eyes, visibly passed, put the bags or suitcases out loud or started asking, “Sorry, it couldn’t be faster, right?” , regardless of which line.

The album was created on the dining table in your old apartment. You’ve cooked for your songwriting partners and producers. Are you a passionate cook? what is your specialty?

Fisher: Considering that I must be in my forties/50s to cook regularly, it works surprisingly well. Certainly according to the recipe – I guess, without it only from 60 – and with pleasure for many.

In the song “I’m Here” she says: “Because I love myself.” How important is self-love to you?

Fisher: I’ve always noticed the word self-love in magazines, magazines, and book titles. But if I pause for a moment and don’t answer right away, I can feel them. I haven’t really thought about how age will change you, whether you become more relaxed or more knowledgeable and therefore more improved. But I feel like I’m starting to understand that I’m the best lightning rod. If I didn’t want you to bother me, no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t notice. Well, this doesn’t always work. But it’s good now.

To sing a sentence like “I’m in love with myself” out loud, I needed an extra round of thrust from the outside. Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer wrote the number “I’m here” and this sentence as well. Quite frankly? Just saying that sentence out loud puts you in a good mood. do it…

She’s going on tour with your album in September. Are you already excited about being on stage?

Fisher: I can’t believe I’m going on tour. But only because I think it’s cool! This feels like falling in love. The anticipation, knowing it’s going to be good, is really good! I’ve already seen what that would look like for years. We’ll party together, sing, dance (well, there’s seating, it doesn’t matter), just have a good time together. That’s why I can’t stand it now so people can finally hear all of this. So they know: “Yes, I have to go there! And I’ll buy some tickets for friends right away – we want to party with Mrs. Fisher!”


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