Leisure fun for children: the five greatest playgrounds in the Black Forest – Bar – Villingen Schöningen and the surrounding area.

Salvest Stadium in Villingen-Schwenningen: A successful wooden locomotive – Jim Button was pleased with that, too. Photo: Spitz

Summer vacation is just around the corner: For families in particular, this means spending plenty of time outside and making sure the kids aren’t bored. The playgrounds are especially popular with the youngest, as they can really relax here. Overview.

Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis – There are a lot of great courses in Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis, but some of them are very special!

We’ve listed the top five playgrounds and checked the Big Playground in the fun factor category, equipment selection, and seating options.

Play like Wickie and strongmen

A visit to the playground can rarely be combined with a nice short walk, which is also suitable for short legs, as with Salvest Stadium between Villingen and Schwenningen. With your car conveniently parked in the hiking car park, a paved forest path – suitable for strollers, of course – leads to the Salvest Game Reserve. And there you can not only roam around the barefoot deer barn, but also have a lot of fun: a carousel, a wooden Viking ship, a tree trunk to balance on or a barefoot path – the playground pleasantly stands out from the run. The-mill playground equipment on inner city playgrounds away. Lots of wood, amid nature and unusual attractions that encourage role-playing, score the playing field even without the usual suspicious playing equipment. Be on the road for a few hours like Vicky and the strongmen on a big ship or do the same as the engine driver and conquer foreign worlds like Lukas and Jim Button, all of this is possible amidst the picturesque nature of the Salvest game reserve. Speaking of nature: If you have a thirst for knowledge or want to quench your children’s desire: everything to do with the resident animals is clearly illustrated on large slabs in the fallow deer barn, there is also a kind of jungle nature trail, and for plant lovers, it might be worth taking a look A closer look at the orchid meadow – the beautiful flowers of these rare plants can be admired there. And if you haven’t exhausted yourself after all that, you can catch up on the way back to the parking lot: the many small paths meander through the greenery to the right and left of the main path and allow little adventurers to pass off-road for their money’s worth.

Fun Factor: High

Device selection: 3

Seating options: many options available

Anything Unusual – Play Barn and Tanniland

One play barn Is it just indoor fun? Scheduled! Small but very cute play paradise in Unterkirnach It proves the opposite and is not recommended only on rainy days, but especially on summer days. The reason lies in front of the play barn door: outside, the site attracts a wonderful and unusual play area, Anniland. A large pool invites you to play and splash, and best of all: the brave can swing over the water on the cable car. Kids can zip across the pond on fins and when they conquer the large climbing tower, a fun tunnel slide looms as a bonus. The indoor area of ​​the Unterkirnach play-pen has nothing in common with any ordinary indoor playground: there are a myriad of play equipment – for example, a rotating slide is a lot of fun there, children sit in a box and slide the metal reels alone or in pairs on a wooden slide Climbing towers, bird’s nest swings and plenty of wooden play equipment that trains coordination while the kids have loads of fun are part of the inventory here – of course, there’s no need to do without the classic ball pit, nor the mini indoor soccer field or space tower, but on gear Large playground loaded with plastic or noisy attractions. Of course, it is not quiet in the playpen either, but this is less due to the equipment of the fairgrounds and more than the cheerful screaming of children.

Fun Factor: High

Device selection: 20+

Seating options: many options available

Large natural sports park in Königsfeld

Opened in May 2019 and Next to the Königsfeld outdoor swimming pool “Solara” Located , Natural sports park Something for almost everyone on an area of ​​about 12,000 square metres. In addition to a bullseye field and exercise area for children and youth, part of the area can be used for biking or mountain biking. The center of the natural sports park is the large playground, around which are grouped three barbecue areas. There are hammocks, swings and shelters in the meadow. The paved plaza to the west serves as an inline rink, street hockey and an ice rink. In the eastern area of ​​the Natural Sports Park, climbers get their money’s worth: a climbing wall and spider-climbing ropes are available here. You can also play on the banks of Rotwaldbach. Vital outlets with various training equipment between the climbing area and Rottwaldbach are still quite new. The nature sports park is open from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 10 pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 8 am to midnight. Use is free. An outdoor pool kiosk offers the option of catering. The sanitary facilities of the outdoor swimming pool can also be used.

Fun Factor: High

Device selection: 14

Seating options: many options available

A stadium in the center of Schonach

The facility offers a playground with many possibilities in the beautiful landscape of the garden In the heart of Schonach. The stadium opened in 2017 and is very popular with locals and guests alike. The water element of the playground has also been taken up to match the pond in the spa park, with water jets and a water playground, even a raft and a water channel with water wheels. The possibilities “on the ground” are complemented by a “straw hat” climbing frame with sliders, a “lizard”, a double swing and a sand roller block. There are also various seating areas, as well as a canopy, and for aspiring sports visitors there are also wheels, a beach volleyball court, and a table tennis table on site. This guarantees great hours for children and young adults. The ambiance is also fun for adults, the spa park can be explored, and the nearby bistro quenches the hunger and thirst of young and old.

Fun Factor: High

Device selection: 13

Seating options: many options available

Water playground in Furtwangen

Only suitable for young water lovers is Water playground in Furtwangen. Centrally located on the Market Square, the stadium in Breg invites you to relax and refresh, especially on hot summer days. Water pumps, water snails, water slides and water fountains provide ultimate cool water fun. Children and young people up to 14 years old can relax on the playground. For parents and buddies who want to watch their children play, there are some seating available – you can sit on the large surrounding stones. Use of the small aquatic paradise in the center of Furtwangen is free. It was created in the context of urban redevelopment in 2000 – with granite stones from road construction.

Fun Factor: High

Device selection: 4

Seats: available enough

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