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By definition means ‘Mind manipulation’, when someone intentionally tries to upset another person – to the point of total collapse. After all, the victim can no longer distinguish between truth and appearance. It is named after the play “Gas Light” from 1938. Here you can learn about the sentences that are often said while lighting the gas – both consciously and unconsciously.

Gas lighting: 17 examples

Gas lighting can occur in everyday life as well as in the context of the family or with friends. People often light gas The subconscious mind is unaware of the psychological manipulation they are doing. We’ve come up with 11 situations where experts say gas lighting plays a role for you.

Common Phrases Gaslighters May Use:

  1. “I never said that.”

Denial of the situation is a typical sign of gas lighting. So the statement stands against the statement and you begin to doubt your perception.

  1. “I did this because I love you.”

Doing something out of love is also a sign of indulging in gas. The person wants to suggest to you that they actually did something good, even though they don’t feel like it for you.

  1. “I don’t know why you would make such a big deal about it.”

In this case you are accused of taking an elephant out of a mosquito. Your feelings will be minimized.

  1. “You are very sensitive.”

Excessive sensitivity is a matter of perception. Because your feelings are okay, even if they are not understandable to others.

  1. “You are dramatic.”

The same goes for being dramatic. What may seem dramatic to one person is the harsh reality of another.

Gaslight usually creeps into life unnoticed. picture: Pixels / Marta Wave
  1. “You are the problem, not me.”

Gas drivers like to take the blame off themselves, because that’s exactly what they want to suggest to you: They’re not the problem, but you.

  1. “If you love me, would you like…”

… is a hidden threat and manipulation. Because of course you love the person.

  1. “you are crazy.”

Classifying someone insane is not only a borderline attack, but also a clear case of manipulation.

  1. “You are delusional.”

…and so it is with this assumption.

  1. “You are just insecure.”

The person who turns on the gas lighting is usually the most mysterious. That’s why he should suggest to you that it’s you. Or maybe the person is just looking for flaws on your part or your weaknesses.

  1. “You’re too selfish if you don’t do this for me.”

It is another case of threat. Because it’s actually selfish to manipulate the other person into doing what you want.

  1. “You’re just imagining it.”

Trying to convince yourself that everything is in your imagination is also a situation in which your awareness should be denied.

  1. “You made me do this.”

So this is your fault, isn’t it? This is how gas drivers try to make you feel like you’ve put yourself in an awkward position.

  1. “You don’t really feel that way.”

Denial of feelings is not acceptable in any context. This is one of the biggest goals, especially when it comes to gas lighting.

  1. “This has never happened.”

But you’re like, “How did that happen?” Divergent perceptions can be somewhat normal, but when someone denies your perception, it’s gaslighting.

  1. “Not a problem.”

If it’s a big problem for you, it shouldn’t be a big problem for others.

  1. “You are just paranoid.”

You should be careful when you bring up terms like “paranoid” or “insane” without context.

What do you say when someone pressures you:

  • “My feelings and Realistically true. I don’t like it when you tell me I’m too sensitive.”
  • “Please don’t tell me how I feel.”
  • I may discuss these topics and conversations with you. Do not tell me , I’m dramatic
  • “I know what you saw.”
  • “I will not finish this conversation, If you keep underestimating my feelings
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The gas lighting makes the affected people question their perception. picture: Pixels / Maria Orlova

How to respond to Gaslighting

If you’re affected by gas lighting, the examples above will help you get some clarity on what’s going on. Once you get acquainted with gas lighting, experts recommend remembering that it is not your fault. Also, a therapist’s perspective can help you figure this out Whether you are a victim of gas lighting, you need to better understand and implement coping mechanisms and make sure you have an objective view of your situation.

When we experience gas lighting, we lose sense of our emotional scale.

Pepita Spinelli, healer

Take one step at a time To separate from the gas and set boundaries. Also, surround yourself with people you trust who can verify your experiences.

Gas Lights: Watch out for the signs

If you find yourself in one or more of these situations, you may be a victim of lighting yourself with gas. It is important to be clear about howSo your peer behaves like this. Also, you should never begin to mistrust your own awareness. So, take a closer look at each situation and don’t let your view of things get away from you.

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