Best ice cream parlors in the area

It is a well-known fact that taste can be discussed – and even better discussed. That’s why there is a personally colored list of the region’s best products and offers in the “Swabian Stars” regional quiz series once a week – always on Wednesdays. Episode 35 is about the three places in the region that have the best and tastiest ice cream.

Because whether it is in a cone, in a glass, with a lot of cream, or cherries on top, or fruits or cream: everyone eats ice cream differently, the main thing is that it tastes good and provides delicious cooling, especially on hot days.

Classics remain the stars of the ice cream table

And while the selection now ranges from unusual varieties like lavender, gorgonzola (Lindau), rosemary, and salted caramel (Ulm) to grape ice cream (Aleen): according to a survey by the Confectionery Association, nearly a quarter of Germans prefer the classic vanilla sundae.

For about 12 percent of ice cream lovers, chocolate is a variety of options, about 9 percent choose nuts and about 5 percent have their favorite cherry ice cream.

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This is all about good ice cream

In our opinion, really good ice cream is not determined by taste alone: ​​letting ice cream literally melt in your mouth is a good test that says something about the quality of a cold dessert.

Correct fat content: For example, if milk ice cream leaves a lightly greasy film on the lips and palate, this may be an indication that it is made with fresh cream rather than powder.

Fat and a few crystals: It should also be creamy and contain as few ice crystals as possible, because the more “crystalline” the taste of milk ice cream, the older it is. However, this standard does not apply to soft drinks or fruit ice cream, which consist mainly of pureed fruit and water.

Sugar makes the texture: Even the low-sugar varieties sometimes have to lose some of their creaminess because the amount of sugar lowers the freezing point and thus has a decisive influence on how soft or hard the ice cream is.

Less color is often more: Another criterion for high-quality ice cream can be its color: bright colors are often the result of natural ingredients rather than the addition of coloring agents.

number of items: Moreover, the number of varieties can be an indicator of whether an ice cream shop makes their own ice cream or just mixes them. According to the Internet blog “Die Eismacher”, a medium-sized ice cream parlor can produce about 20 to 30 varieties. Varieties that change on a daily or seasonal basis also refer to internal production.

Icebergs as an indicator of finished goods? On the other hand, the prevailing assumption that icebergs accumulating in the screen are an indication that operators are using off-the-shelf blends is a fallacy. Many freezers can cool the ice from the bottom and from the top, so that the quality is not affected. “An indication of this could be a marking tape on the side glass of the showcase, which shows where the cooling is going,” the blog says.

The three best ice cream parlors in the area

Selected and evaluated by Gabriel Bock, Simon Müller and Larissa Hamann from the online editorial team Schwä

1. Crema Gelato Ice Cream in Sigmaringin:

The ice cream parlor “Eis Crema Gelato” is a small shop on Laizer Straße 2 in Sigmaringen. Although it is not in the pedestrian zone and at first glance only has a wooden veranda with a few seating and self-catering, it offers a selection of its creations such as yogurt, elderberry, passion fruit, creme brulee, Snickers, Duplo or children’s chocolates in addition to the classics. Twelve vegan, eleven of which are fruit ice cream and dark chocolate. What many also don’t know is that there is another terrace with 20 seats at the back, where you can enjoy ice cream away from the noise of the street.

The ice cream – in our case served in an amarina cup with whipped cream and cherries – had a creamy texture and the size of the balls were not grated on it either. In some varieties, small pieces of the main ingredient are mixed together, which greatly enhances the aroma and gives the ice cream a natural taste. A fair deal for 6.50.

2. Aldo’s Ice Cream Parlor in Bad Wurzach:

There are fewer cooking weeks in Bad Wurzach when the Aldo Ice Cream Parlor is not open during the winter months. Because homemade ice cream will also taste good in the cold season. Of course, it is tastier now in the summer. Ice cream has a strong flavour – no matter if it’s fruity or chocolatey. The café invites you to relax, as you are sitting outside in the city center and right next to the Wurzacher Ach. Excellent place to taste good sunday in Aldo. By the way, a scoop of ice cream here costs 1.40 euros. Classic foods such as chocolate, yogurt or berries are especially recommended.

A scoop of yoghurt ice cream in a cone from the Aldo Ice Cream Parlor in Bad Wuerzach. Not an amazing choice, but incredibly delicious.

3. Rialto Ice Cream Shop in Ulm

The Rialto ice cream parlor is located on the second row of the Hirschstraße shopping street in Walfischgasse. This provides a comfortable and quiet space to enjoy. And the fun is really on top here. The ice cream, produced here by the fourth generation of the Tuscan family, is bursting with taste. They are usually well balanced and do not become unpleasantly severe. The consistency is close to optimal: creamy but not too liquid so that the ice cream can withstand temperatures long enough. My current favorites are cream quark with pomegranate and walnuts with figs. Both are great for summer.

+++ Do you have a completely different opinion from our authors? Tell us in the comments below which ice cream parlor in the area you think has the best ice cream +++

The three best ice cream parlors in the region – for our Instagram followers

According to our followers, the area has a large number of ice cream parlors that seem to really understand their trade. 67 people voted, 1st place goes to an ice cream parlor, our followers even endured long trekking times only to end up in ice paradise for a while:

Where: Eisdiele Kibele, Hagnau (other locations in Friedrichshafen and Immenstaad)

Where: Gran Café Rino ice cream parlor in Ochsenhausen

Where: Stanghetto Ice Cream Parlor in Leipheim, Heidenheim and Günzburg

You can find out what other places our followers have mentioned in the comments below the voting post.

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