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to: Elena Siegel

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Many parents rely on third party care for their children. © Sample photo: Uwe Anspach / DPA

Parents who actually wanted to care for their children in an after-school care center as of September received a refusal from Clara Fey Daycares. The head of the facility regrets that, but it’s hard to find staff, especially in the after-school care area. Nothing was left.

Schongau – “I would have said something different to the families,” confirms Caroline Albrecht, president of Clara Fey Day Care Centers in Schongau. But she had no choice but to turn down parents who wanted to care for their children at the integrative after-school care center starting in September. Unfortunately, due to the significant shortage of skilled workers, especially in the after-school care area, the letter said, “we are currently unable to receive any new children.” Ten children were affected, and the eleventh was housed in the all-day school. With two kids, they could be able to move to an after-school care center if another family gets separated, Albrecht says when asked.

Many parents rely on third party care

A family contacted the local newspaper to draw attention to the difficult childcare situation in Schungau. The family’s child was supposed to start school in September, and after the after-school care center was cancelled, a solution was found with the kindergarten so she could attend the pre-school group for a year. Because the mother works in the Marie-Eberth nursing home in Schwangau and the father is doing apprenticeships, they are dependent on outside child care, explains an aide to a refugee from Schwangau, who does not want her name to be read in the newspaper, on behalf of the family. She says that for financial reasons, no parent can stay at home. This is the case for many young families. Although lunchtime care is also considered rather than after-school care, care times are very short.

The family doesn’t explicitly see blame for the current situation at Clara Fey daycares, the only facility in Schongau ever to offer after-school care accommodations – “they’re so desperate over there”. But one hopes the situation will improve by drawing attention to him.

The staff situation has been tense for many years

Despite everything, Albrecht says, many parents react with understanding. “The staff situation has been tense in many facilities for years.” But especially in the after-school care area. It is difficult to determine the reason for this. On the other hand, the job description is not very attractive for financial reasons. That’s why there are hardly any men – “although it would be very desirable, especially in an after-school care centre”.

On the other hand, working hours will be a deterrent. The employees are usually women, often with their young children. Of course, they would rather work in the day care center in the morning – where there is also an urgent need – rather than work in the after-school care center until the evening.

In fact, everything was tried to find employees: “advertisements in print media, calls on the Internet, posts on social media – from Facebook to Instagram to WhatsApp status,” Albrecht lists, among others. Two of his classmates designed a banner that they hung on the nursery fence. As a result, they find a new roommate for the nursery school. With regard to Hort, not all efforts have so far been successful.

You don’t want to simply accept all applicants

A daycare center doesn’t like to hire every applicant under duress either. The applicant must be qualified, the handling of the children and the team must be right, Albrecht makes sure that despite everything.

The pastor – the Catholic Youth Welfare Service of the Diocese of Augsburg – is ready for all decisions. Although the day care home is not a municipal facility, it is also in close contact with City Hall. There, too, one regrets that families have been turned away from an after-school care center. Albrecht says the Parents’ Council has already asked if there is anything they can do. But all possibilities have been exhausted. Unfortunately, you cannot conjure skilled workers out of the hat. However, you have not lost hope of finding good employees.

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