The farm shop in the bee garden in Wollau: with a love for products

Woow. Two brothers dared and took the step to open a farm shop. In the small shop there is a large selection of regional products that are made without chemicals and above all with a lot of love.

Siblings Agnes Vogel (second from left) and Monica Schallweg (third from left). Next to her is Monica’s husband Jonathan (back right) with their children. Photographs: Maximilian Vogel
The entrance to the farm shop.
The entrance to the farm shop.

The farm shop in the bee garden in Wollau was only set up this year by co-owners Monica Schluigher leg Jonathan and her sister Agnes Vogel opened.

For example, they sell sausages, eggs from their animals, vegetables and fruits from their farm, and honey from their beehive. There are also jams, beeswax candles, hand-approved natural soaps, cleaning products, and more.

Where do the products come from?

Not only do all these products come from Monika herself, but they also provide shelves so others can sell their own handcrafted goods or merchandise if they don’t have their own shop. So there are, for example, alcoholic beverages and herbal teas from the herbalist Gisela Claireproducts without sugar from Elena PowerOrgon jewelry from an artist from Schwarzenbach, incense blends, flour products from the Gailertsreuth mill, organic cheeses from the Weissenberg family company and favorite oils from Reiserdorf.

In addition, professionals like mushroom experts want Martina FrankTransferring their knowledge and offering courses. You can also sign up for a cheese course in the store. For shelves, they pay 20 percent of the sale price to store owners. There are still spaces on the shelves, so it’s worth stopping by the store often as there’s always new stuff.

The little pig loves to be petted by Mr. Jonathan.  Photographs: Maximilian Vogel
The little pig loves to be petted by Mr. Jonathan. Photographs: Maximilian Vogel
And the woolly pig has offspring in August.
And the woolly pig has offspring in August.

How did the store originate?

During the Corona period, siblings Monica and Agnes sat together and thought about how to make the most of Monica’s farm, because they have a lot of surplus vegetables, fruits and animal products. And since Agnes makes natural soaps herself, they decide to display their products in a store.

“We’ve never wanted to make a lot of money, it’s simply important for us to enjoy the products and want to pass them by in our store,” says Monika Schallwig, who is so happy to take the step.

They have a shop with the support of friends and volunteers, like Konrad Dibel, who supported construction projects with his timber company. For example, the counter in front of us was entirely made by Konrad.

New cultivation methods and “Solawi”

In addition to their love of good and fair products, sustainability is very important to them. They don’t want to create any litter, and customers are better off bringing glass jars with them if they want to buy something. When Monica tells us about the farming methods she uses in her beds, she deals with technical terms like terrapreta, permaculture, electric farming, and keyhole beds. We normal people are satisfied with the explanation that their produce is grown without chemicals and sprays and that we get completely unprocessed vegetables and fruits here.

Some vegetables and fruits also come from the Sulawi project – an acronym for Solidarity Farming. This gives others the opportunity to plant things in the fields for free and reap a portion of it. She does not ask for any payment for this, but the participants should only help with joint projects. At the moment there are about ten people, but there is still room for more helpers.

The farm shop in Wollau 5, 92690 Pressath. It is currently only Saturdays From From 9 am to 12 pm And from From 2 pm to 5 pm Open. After a telephone agreement on the number 0152/56159779 Customers can also come at any time.

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