Earn money with NFTs in 5 steps

The success of NFTs may soon be yours. However, after the NFTs have been minted, there is still some work to be done. But don’t worry – here’s how to get started.

Congratulation! If you are interested in this article, it is likely that you have already turned your creativity into one or more great NFTs. Perhaps you have created a great piece of art, a piece of music or a video game? In any case, you have confidence in your business and know that someone will be interested in the exclusive rights to your business.

But the most eye-catching NFTs for celebrities and collectors are sold for six or more figures. And even if you are sure that your business will one day be as valuable as any successful venture, monetizing your NFT depends on The relationship between inspiration and perseverance far. So let’s discuss some of the ways you can turn NFTs into a desirable commodity.

1. Create a Crypto Wallet

The first and most basic step is one that not many NFT creators think about. You need a crypto wallet where you can store your digital money and other assets. Trading NFT without this wallet is like being a technical trader without storage space or even a bank account.

To sell NFTs, you need a crypto wallet. – Image from BeInCrypto.com

Most NFT payments are made in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Doge. You need the ability to receive and store online payments. Even if you plan to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat money as soon as possible, you still need to get the cryptocurrency first. The wallet is easy to download and install on any compatible device. In terms of utility, storage, security, and tracking, the wallet pays for itself many times over. And you need it if you want to sell NFTs.

2. Choose an NFT Market

In addition to the wallet, you also need an NFT marketplace to sell your NFTs. Your best bet is to focus on just one NFT market. While it may be tempting to switch from OpenSea to Rarible, for example, it ultimately weakens your brand and confuse buyers. Why is this NFT on this NFT platform and NFT on another platform? Why do prices differ between NFT markets?

NFT Art BeInCrypto
NFT Marketplaces – Image via BeInCrypto.com

Consumers need one place to follow and buy their favorite artists. Many do not mind visiting different NFT markets for different artists. But the need for multiple accounts on different artist hubs is like a scavenger hunt. Intelligent NFT artist chooses the market where it is Create at low cost And the Sell ​​for maximum profit can in order to maximize his profit.

3. Advertising in the community

Whether you want to sell NFTs or write books, any artist will tell you Self-marketing is the key to brand success he is. If you don’t want to promote your products yourself, you can pay someone to do so. But there is no guarantee that the person will actually successfully market your products. And even if you did, there’s no harm in representing yourself, too.

And there is no better place for self-promotion than social media. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. provide a great place to showcase your brand and personality. At the same time, you can view the NFTs for sale in your chosen market. The better the NFT Builder represents and promotes your brand online, the more interest it will generate in your digital products.

Social Media Art BeInCrypto
Promoting NFTs on social media – Image from BeInCrypto.com

4. Keep your NFTs rare

As a digital resource, NFTs are as diverse or as rare as their creator wishes. And everyone knows that a rare ingredient leads to increased demand. The rarer NFTs are, the more they are sought after, especially if the creator has a strong social media presence.

exist Two ways to create rarity And increase the value of NFT. The first is simply one roof width to assign. When a particular NFT is only available five times, it looks more like a collectible. The second way to create rarity is this Unlock NFTs at rare levels. Individual pieces have different qualities or are rare exclusive works. The creators of NFT borrowed rank names such as “common, rare, elite, epic” or “legendary” from video games. But no matter what you do Dividing your NFTs in this way will help spark interest in the rarer NFTs.

5. NFTs – Create Goods

if that Copyright not sold with NFTthe creator of digital work still owns The right to reproduce this work. This means that the creator reserves the right to further commercialize the object represented by the NFT. Its original creator can still use the particularly popular work for all kinds of merchandise.

NFT Art Beeple BeInCrypto
Selling NFTs and merchandise – Image from BeInCrypto.com

In the case of artwork, authors can then issue T-shirts, patches, stickers, tattoos, stickers, stickers and much more. NFT can sell for a lot of money, and its creator is still entitled to capitalize on that hype by producing and selling just about any creative item imaginable they can think of.

NFT offers creators new ways to succeed. To explore these avenues, creators must be bold and willing to adapt to new ideas. The faster and more fully the artist understands how to make money from NFTs, the more he can take advantage of this exciting new market.


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