How to create your own NFT! educational course

Have you heard of digital monkeys worth thousands of dollars? Are you interested in art or just want to give it a try and create your own NFT? We’ll show you what’s behind this technique, how to create your own NFT and give you helpful tips on how to sell your NFT.

What is NFT?

“Non-fungible tokens” are digital assets that are represented on a token. In addition to digital art, these assets can also represent real estate, music rights, trading cards, or rights. Digital charts make trading assets easier. The value of the NFT can be measured in different ways. While some assets have a clearly defined value, the value of art is relative. This makes it difficult for a novice to know which token artwork can generate returns in the near future. Basically, the price of NFT is determined by the market, i.e., by supply and demand.

Here is an article on how to invest in blade manufacturers in the NFT industry.

How do I create an NFT?

Creating an NFT is much easier than most people think. First you need to create your artwork. If you are a “classic” artist, you can photograph or scan your artwork for digitization. This step was logically omitted for “digital” artists. To store your artwork, you need a wallet. You can think of a wallet as a digital vault in which your artwork is stored securely. The well-known wallet is the Coinbase wallet.

In order to complete your artwork, you now need a “market”. Supply and demand meet in this market, and here you can sell your artwork. The advantage is that many marketplaces like Opensea offer you to complete your NFT there.

To finish your artwork in OpenSea for NFT, you first have to log in with your wallet. Via OpenSea you can now enter “create” mode.

This image from OpenSea shows what an NFT build looks like.

How do I create an NFT via OpenSea?

In build mode, you can now upload your file. Image, video and audio files are possible. You can even encode 3D models. After you upload the file, you choose the name of your artwork and add a description. You can also set the link to your NFT.

It is also possible to create entire groups that you can number.

What blockchain do I choose for my NFT?

You can also choose which blockchain the NFT should be based on via OpenSea. Currently, OpenSea only offers Ethereum and Polygon. Rumor has it that Solana will soon follow. Currently, most of the NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a rule, it is not initially critical for beginners which blockchain to choose.

If you fill in the required fields and upload your file, your NFT can already be created. OpenSea takes care of this for you! Your NFT is now displayed in OpenSea under “Created”. Your NFT should now also be visible in your wallet.

How do I sell my NFT?

Do you now want to make a profit from your business? We’ll show you how to sell your NFT. After creating your NFT, you can bring it directly to people via OpenSea. To do this, click on the Profile tab at the top right and then select Sell to sell your artwork.
You will then end up on the List Page, where you can select your NFT price. It is also possible to start the auction. In addition to the minimum price, the duration of the auction can also be specified. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, your NFT can be put up on the open market!

How much will it cost me to sell my NFT?

Unfortunately there is a trick. At the moment, selling NFTs is not cheap. Although OpenSea only charges a 2.5% fee for listing your NFT, the gas fee is currently very high. Gas fees are fees that are paid to the Ethereum blockchain, and OpenSea does not block these fees. Currently you have to calculate the gas fee in the three-digit euro range.
Gas fees are currently very high as Ethereum is programmed on the Proof-of-Work blockchain. This is much slower and more expensive than the more modern Proof of Stake concept. As the NFT boom is currently causing a large number of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, its price is skyrocketing. -> Higher demand leads to higher prices.
If OpenSea soon allows you to trade NFT via Solana, the fees should be lower.

Useful tips for NFT trading

Finally, we have some useful tips for you.

1. People love to collect.
Of course, artworks are usually unique. However, if you want to be successful with NFT, you have to sell several artworks and release them as a set. Very important: numbering. Of course, a work of art with the number 1 is worth more than the number 6328. The possibility of combination creates value.

2. Offer people something.
Many NFT projects now attract collectors with the “goodies” that NFT owners get. For example, owners of rare Alien NFT are given merchandise or invited to private parties. You can also advertise a “Discord Exclusive Channel” for beginners.

3. Make a name for yourself.
The most important thing in the art scene, whether digital or physical, is the name. Promote yourself and your name and make yourself known as Pablo Picasso in the NFT scene. Then your artwork will also be valuable.

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