Vacations With Pets: When Dogs Bully Beach Swimmers

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When dogs bully swimmers on the beach

When the fun for dogs at the beach begins, it often ends with other swimmers. No wonder, then, that there are precisely defined sections for animals in summer. But the reason for their presence in so many places next to the nudist area is still a mystery.

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A civilian lies on his blanket: shihtzu on the beach of dogs A civilian lies on his blanket: shihtzu on the beach of dogs

A civilian lies on his blanket: shihtzu on the beach of dogs

Source: Keira Hanser

aEven as a dog owner, you are sometimes ashamed of other people who have dogs. Recently in the bathing lake of Schorfheide, which, like most Brandenburg lakes, is actually forbidden to dogs, at least during the day in the middle of summer: on the only beach, however, the unrepentant owner of the mix of retriever and Airedale terrier allows play and swimming among the children during holidays in the middle of the middle the summer.

Admittedly, water-loving animals enjoy it, but unfortunately the rest of us don’t bathe. The private dog show on the public beach lasts for two hours. Animals bark excitedly, quickly run after balls, use other swimmers as floats, roll on someone else’s towels and raise their legs at sandcastles. And that for several consecutive days. Since then there have been problems on the quiet beach.

So it’s no wonder that most beaches in Europe are marked as dog claims in the middle of summer and so separated from other beach sections that there is no escalating argument until sometime an animal settles down. No community, nor seaside resort, does not have one or two separate dog beaches.

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This makes sense, especially since there are more and more vacationers on the beach who are going out with their dogs. During the Corona pandemic, one million people in this country got a new pet, many of them dogs.

Because of Corona, the illegal trade with puppies is booming

Small, sweet, fluffy, loyal companion in custody – since the start of the Corona pandemic, the demand for puppies has skyrocketed. Criminal traders also benefit from this. Recently, 70 purebred puppies were accidentally discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Source: WORLD / Lore Schulze-Velmede

21 percent of households now own dogs, and according to the Federation of Animal Needs Industry, there are 10.3 million animals nationwide, 44 percent of which are mixed breeds. According to a survey conducted by the animal pension portal, 34 percent take their pets, especially dogs, with them on their summer vacation.

The dog beach is often next to the nudist area

However, a vacation like this at a dog beach on the coast or at the lakes takes some getting used to: A midsummer day among puffy dog ​​litter bags, pull lines and treats like buffalo skin bones and pitzers aren’t for everyone, even dog owners who love their animals. Constant whistles and ordering calls from dog owners can get on your nerves, too. Why is every other dog called Bella or Baloo and doesn’t listen to his name?

And why dog ​​beaches exist in so many places around the nudist zone is a mystery. There is no reasonable explanation for this, apart from the fact that in some places one obviously finds nudists bah and dogs bah bah.

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To make matters worse, there is sometimes tension between the two interest groups. Like the beach in Dagebüll on the North Sea. There, the areas for nudists and dog owners have been swapped for the season. This causes frustration for lovers of nudist showers. Because in the former canine zone, the water is so shallow that you cannot swim there, you can sit only waist-deep.

As for the dog’s stubborn owner, benevolent bathers advised her to travel to Scotland. Dogs are allowed to roam almost all beaches. In any case, fewer people bathe in cold Scottish waters than in Brandenburg Lakes.

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