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Las vigasAnd the 21 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Smart NFTs are the next innovative development of NFTs developed by VIMworld. These virtual characters, referred to as VIMs (Virtually Integrated Metadata) on the platform, have a multi-layered background and are not just a set of fixed pixels on a screen. These smart NFTs grow and change based on their owner’s interactions with them.

Owners can feed the Smart NFT with VIMworld’s VEED token to develop artwork and earn treasure or other secondary items in different fun ways that make it unique. When fully utilized, Smart NFT VIM becomes the embodiment of the identity of its owner, serving as a virtual companion and a valid resume of personal achievements.

Intelligent NFTs rely on frequent and continuous interaction with their owners to take their true form. Designed from the ground up as an open evolutionary Metaverse, VIMworld aims to integrate VIMs into games and social experiences that take advantage of the integration of user metadata.

NFT buyers are drawn to other projects because they appreciate the stunning artwork, community hype, and limited footprint. After the noise has died down, these collectors often wonder what they should do other than wait. VIMworld knows these problems firsthand. In addition to the opportunities that Smart NFT owners can take advantage of on the VIMworld platform, the VIMworld SDK has been developed to attract partnerships and third-party developers to integrate their applications, giving users more ways to explore and new ways to evolve in VIMs.

VIMworld has also developed tools that allow owners to easily access and save their VIMs and track their progress. The online platform has a powerful management tool to accommodate and install every VIM. Owners can also view different leaderboards to compare their progress with other community members. The marketplace allows owners to buy and sell VIMs.

For owners who own a variety of digital assets, VIMworld has developed Nufinetes, a secure multi-chain wallet app that currently allows transactions on Ethereum and Vechain and supports multiple tokens. Available for iOS and Android, Allo Nufinetes allows NFT collectors and digital asset holders from around the world to have a single wallet app in one place.

Smart NFT technologies will continue to evolve as web3 becomes more widespread. VIMworld will continue to pave the way for new and exciting features and benefits that take full advantage of smart NFT technology.

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VIMworld is a revolutionary NFT (Non-fungible Token) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and gaming can communicate and thrive. At the heart of VIMworld are the VIMs themselves, each unique and long-lived. VIMs are smart NFTs that provide an immutable authentication system, allowing their owners to store and create value through gameplay while establishing meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld is accessed via using a VeChain-enabled browser like this oneVechinSync Browseror google chrome + comet extension. For more information about VIMworld, please visit or follow our social media channels:

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