7 examples of how Ron-Grabfeld was exposed to a heat wave

Hoch “Jürgen” makes people and animals sweat in the Rhön-Grabfeld these days. How did you feel the heat in different areas?

1. Four-digit visitor count: Jump into the cool water in the outdoor pool at Mellrichstadt

Hot days this week brought an entire house to the Mellrichstadt outdoor pool. More than 1,000 visitors come to the vast refrigeration facility every day. “Immediately after opening at 10 a.m., there were already queues at the exit,” lifeguard Kirsten Cabot said. Since school holidays have been in the neighboring federal state since Monday, families with children from Thuringia love to come to Mellrichstadt for a swim.

The outdoor pool is very busy until it closes at 8pm. For Kirsten Capote, that means a stressful day at work, “but looking at the many happy children’s faces makes up for it.” In the morning, older friends are usually at the pool at first, and in the afternoon schoolchildren from Rhön and Streutal come, according to their experience. What’s also often used: the post-work rate. After work, dive and swim again for 2 euros.

On Saturdays and Sundays, there will be a small limitation in opening times: due to staffing issues, business hours are from 10am to 8pm (instead of 9am to 9pm) on both days. Cabot asserts that in the weeks that followed, everything went back to normal.

The lifeguard is happy with the weather forecast for the coming days. Running will continue in the Mellrichstadt Basin. “Finally it stays hot longer, which is a great prospect for an outdoor pool.”

2. Sensible seniors: get out early and try to ventilate well

“Our residents are dealing with the current high temperatures very wisely,” says Elke Müller, head of the nursing home for the elderly and the elderly in Bad Neustadt. “They go out early in the morning and come back inside when it’s warm.”

So far, the elderly have been coping well with the heat. There have been no serious health incidents so far. The staff will ensure good ventilation throughout the night and then close the windows in the morning so the heat stays outside. In addition, according to Elke Müller, there is an increase in the number of drinks run for the population throughout the day.

The house manager sees a burden on her employees. “Working in these temperatures is not easy,” she explains. Especially in the kitchen or when the elderly are taking a shower, you are currently sweating a lot. This is very stressful for colleagues.

3. What the vet recommends: Do not leave animals in the car

One of them is currently veterinarian, Dr. It is very important that Almut Dolze recommends to pet owners: do not leave animals in parked cars. This can be very dangerous for four-legged friends. So far, none of the “heat patients” have settled on the treatment table at the Oberlsbach clinic. This is certainly also due to the fact that gentlemen and mistresses will be extremely careful with their animals. It is recommended that there is always enough drinking water available and that hydrophilic animals are allowed a dip or two in cold water.

This practice also treats larger animals. The heat will disturb cows and horses relatively little. Here too, adequate water and – and if the animals are outdoors – shaded shelter is an advantage. Dr. says. Alamut Dolls. Sometimes better than vets, you smile when they are standing in the field with a temperature of over 30 degrees and horse flies fly around.

4. Rhön-Klinikum Campus Bad Neustadt: More patients in the emergency room?

The heat wave, with temperatures sometimes above 30 degrees, also has an effect on the Rhön-Klinikum campus in Bad Neustadt. “As expected,” press spokeswoman Catherine Schmidt says, there have been an increasing number of patients in the campus emergency room in the past few days. But: the absolute average number of patients did not change compared to the “normal” days.

Elderly patients who came to or were admitted to the emergency room in Bad Neustadt due to lack of fluid and the resulting severe disorientation or collapse had to struggle with heat. There have also been cases of athletes suffering from heat exhaustion due to dehydration and electrolyte depletion. According to Schmidt, few workers have experienced meltdowns due to heat exhaustion due to their hard physical labor.

5. Ice cream parlor in Bad Königshofen: Excessive heat is not good for business?

At the Santa Lucia ice cream shop, which opened in 1989 on the Hindenburg Street in Bad Königshofen, people are of course delighted with the sunshine in the summer months, after all, licking ice cream isn’t fun when it rains. “But if it’s too hot, it’s not good for our business either,” says operator Lucia Cavalieri. With temperatures well above 35 degrees, as they were last Wednesday, few chairs were left empty outside.

Anyone who still comes to the ice cream shop when the temperatures are too hot can sit inside the air-conditioned. Cavalieri knows from her many years of experience: “Fruit cups work best at higher temperatures.” “Even a quick cup of coffee is enjoyed when it’s really warm.” On the other hand, Banana Sundaes or Chocolate Ice Cream were ordered less.

“Outside temperatures around 24 or 25 degrees are ideal for visiting an ice cream parlor,” says the local operator. That’s why you hope it won’t be as hot in the coming weeks as it was some days in the past.

6. Despite the heat: normal work at the police station in Bad Neustadt

Of course, police officers also suffer from the heat, but they do not have to do any other work due to the high temperatures. In general, the number of operations has increased because many people currently have a lot of tasks to do after the festivities, says Police Chief Tony Schliereth. But this is independent of temperature. “We have normal events, even when it’s hot.” Colleagues have to come to the site more often when people collapse due to the heat, but the medical department is already responsible for this, according to the current head of the Bad Neustadt police inspection. Otherwise, there would be no anomalies, with one exception: Of course, forest and field fires happen again and again under the prevailing heat and drought.

7. Always a cool breeze: it’s possible in Kreuzberg

“It’s always fun with us, because there’s always a cool breeze,” says Mark Trohm, describing the situation in Gemündener Hütte. This is what attracts so many visitors to the hut even on hot days, according to the hut keeper. On the mountain alone is three degrees colder than below in Bischoffchim or Haselbach, according to his experience – and then the wind. This is why the elderly in particular come here. But the cyclists didn’t let the heat hold them back either and stopped in the traditional hut.

But what changes the temperature is the drinking habits. On very hot days, alcohol consumption decreases, such as the very popular Abbey beer, according to Trom. Instead, the thirst rises for non-alcoholic beer and juice. Only, while the temperatures outside are tolerable, they are different in the kitchen. “Everyone who works there is being cooked at the same time.”

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