Egeltingen: In Egeltingen, places to care for young children are scarce

Things are narrowing at the Eagletingen childcare facility, and it needs to expand. Currently, all children over three years old can still find a place in the three kindergartens in Egeltingen. When it comes to caring for children under the age of three, nothing works without baby sitters. This was clarified at the last board meeting. Head of the office Daniel Schweitzer and Nicole Clasendorfer, head of the Löwenzahn kindergarten objectively described the situation and pushed for a long-term solution – and for them it could only be a new kindergarten building.

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Since you are one of the few communities that sees more of an issue with the building than aftercare by the staff, this is made clear. There is only minimal staff fluctuation: “We have three students, they are always interns, and those who are doing their recognition year with us would like to stay,” Nicole Clasendorfer said, describing the situation. So you do not have as many vacancies as skilled workers that you would like to retain.

Demand will increase

Currently, only 26.2 percent of children under the age of three attend kindergarten in the community. This is because the church refers to the educators of children. But the higher authorities are demanding a significant increase in the number of places in kindergartens. There are currently three children on the waiting list. “Kindergarten should go down to one year in terms of the children’s entry age, and that can’t be stopped,” the Klassendörfer summary. There is also a need, as evidenced by 95.3 percent of care provided to children over the age of three.

The figures that Danielle Schweitzer presented to the city council were far less complex than the needs that Nicole Clasendorfer described from her daily life. Because she has to deal with people who move and move spontaneously, and there are not always as many children enrolled in school as there are new places in kindergarten. Six children with special needs or special educational needs are currently being cared for – however, Nicole Clasendorfer has noticed a growing number of those who need more attention and support two years into the pandemic. Several applications for private funding are currently being submitted. “There were two applications a year, and now there are ten,” says Mr. Claassen. Then these children legally occupy two to three places.

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Natural Kindergarten catches a lot. He is a model of success for Eigeltingen and he should take the second group with 20 places this year. But these reservations are already fully booked, so relaxation is only short term. There are no more emergency places available. So Mayor Alois Fritchie emphasized: “Now we have to expand the kindergarten.” Head office manager Daniel Schweitzer suggested planning should be done with some flexibility. Because after the planning and construction period, the demand can exceed today. He referred to the increase in the number of children due to the new development areas as well as to the increase in the number of refugees with children living in the community. In addition, more than one place is counted for children with increased needs or under the age of three.

New construction soon again topic

In order to be able to cover the need for future care, the supply must be expanded. So it was planned to build a new building for the Löwenzahn Kindergarten, which would cost the community several million euros. It is primarily intended for the care of children under the age of three. They have a growing need for places to sleep and places to eat that did not exist before. There are also group rooms, social rooms and possibly a canteen. The plans will be presented and approved at one of the upcoming Municipal Council meetings.

In addition, six to eight specialists must be appointed, each representing 40,000 euros in personnel costs in the municipal budget.

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