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Irreplaceable tokens? The majority of the surveyed population is still unfamiliar with clearly identifiable digital assets1, as a study by Bitkom shows. This could change soon. The art scene has already discovered its own technology. And with Samsung Smart TVs, a form of digital art experiences is emerging in people’s homes. How it works? Since the beginning of the year, Samsung has introduced an integrated NFT platform on its new QLED and QLED devices as well as The Frame through a partnership with Nifty Gateway. It also gives art lovers access to a variety of NFT artworks to browse, purchase, and eventually enjoy at home. The interaction between smart TVs as a directing and art medium was showcased by Loft 11 Gallery and Samsung as part of a collaboration at Art Karlsruhe July 7-10, 2022.

At the International Art Fair, artwork by NFT artists Eric Mesplé, Kim Joon and Axel Rockfish was shown on the Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90B2 to see. Axel Derrendorf, owner of Loft 11 gallery, is excited about the possibilities of NFT art: “The art scene is often the first to explore and exploit the potential of new technical developments. We have shown great and diverse works in Karlsruhe art. For me, the exciting thing about the development is that NFT gives people New access to art. For artists, on the other hand, there is a creative field and at the same time new sources of income. ”

Loft 11 Gallery space at Art Karlsruhe – Samsung Neo QLED showcasing the work of Kim Joon, Axel Rockfish and Eric Mesplé (Copyright: Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Loft 11 Gallery has set itself the task of introducing internationally renowned contemporary and contemporary artists to an international audience. In 2015 she made her debut in a photo gallery in Barcelona. This was followed by successful participation in international art fairs, exhibition spaces and art venues in Europe.

Blue Jean Blues by Kim Joon (Copyright: Kim Joon and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Blue Jean Blues by Kim Joon (Copyright: Kim Joon and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

One of the artists presented by the gallery Loft 11 at Art Karlsruhe is Korean Kim Jun. He introduced his digital art compositions as NFTs for the first time. The artist takes you into a colorful surreal world and showcases five works such as NFTs in Karlsruhe art: Blue Fish, Blue Jean Blues, Buddha’s Weight, Mrs. Pink and Red Snake.

Blue Fish by Kim Joon (Copyright: Kim Joon and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Blue Fish by Kim Joon (Copyright: Kim Joon and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Artistic photographer and multimedia artist Axel Rockvich also discovered NFT for himself: “NFTs, when done in an engaging and artistic way, are a fascinating dimension of art. You can give talents around the world access to a global market. This applies, for example, to large animation industry, but also to artists from countries where access to the art market was previously limited.” At Art Karlsruhe, works from his series Poolside and Serena Elmar can be seen as NFT.

White Planet by Axel Rockfish (Copyright: Axel Rockfish and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

White Planet by Axel Rockfish (Copyright: Axel Rockfish and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Eric Mesplé from Los Angeles was also one of the artists whose work can be sampled at Loft 11 at Art Karlsruhe. His interactive sculpture “Killing Time” addresses the crises of the day in a kinetic artwork in oil and bronze head.

interactive sculpture

Interactive sculpture “Killing Time” by Eric Mesplé (Copyright: Eric Mesplé and Loft 11 Gallery, @loft11gallery)

Dialogue between Axel Derendorf and Eric Mesplé on NFT’s potential for art making:

Axel Derrendorf: At Art Karlsruhe 2022, Loft 11 Gallery presented NFT artwork on the latest generation of Samsung TVs, which has direct access to purchase and then display NFT on the device, which is exceptional. Among the artworks on display is an interesting sculpture called “Killing Time” by Los Angeles-based director Eric Misble. Eric, what are your thoughts on why NFTs are being launched?

Eric Misbel: This is very new to me, but from what I’ve learned, NFTs are a great platform for artists like myself who want to expand their sculptures. In this way they can be experienced in different places, people all over the world have the opportunity to see them without having to move the statue. Many people can enjoy artwork and at a cost that is very different from the cost of purely physical sculpture.

Axel Derrendorf: As a gallery owner, I see an opportunity for the NFT market to represent a kind of democratization for artists. Most artists do not have access to galleries due to limited resources and space. So you can virtually view artwork through NFTs as if you had access to a variety of gallery spaces. Also, it’s great for artists that they are using the blockchain3 They are registered. The buyer immediately receives a digital certificate. On the other hand, it opens the door to gallery owners who display NFT artworks. Business looks amazing on modern screens like Samsung Neo QLED TVs as the resolution is amazing these days. The gallery owners’ job is to organize the works and build a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds.

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2 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient): F
3 Blockchain is a decentralized public database that makes it easy to clearly document and track transactions.

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