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DrThe image of the representative of the horse family has always been negative: donkeys have always been considered stubborn and stupid. But this has long been disproved – four-legged friends with brown, gray or black fur are becoming more and more common.

“Donkeys are very gentle and intelligent,” says behavioral researcher Carola Otterstedt of Bündnis Mensch & Tier, which has named the donkey its “animal of the year.” “If people view them as stupid or stubborn, it’s because they misunderstood their behavior.” They are very different from horses that run away. “The donkey stays, analyzes the situation, compares it with his experiences, and then decides,” explains Uterstedt.

Donkey hip in Germany

So what appears to be stubborn is careful and thoughtful. It adapts to the mountainous terrain where donkeys are originally found at home and where they can be life-threatening once shipped. Its wild forms come from the semi-desert and mountainous regions of North Africa and the Near East. About 6000 to 7000 years ago, people in the Near and Middle East began to domesticate them. This makes the donkey one of the oldest pets. It came to Europe about 3000 years ago.

And is the donkey really popular as a pet in Germany? The Bündnis Mensch & Tier Foundation recognizes at least one trend: “People are no longer just walking in nature with their dogs, but also with other animals such as llamas or donkeys,” says Ottersted.

However, the expert warns against neglecting the donkey. They are demanding pets that require a lot of time, attention and care. “The donkey is not a lovable toy,” says the behavioral researcher. Animals need at least one more species. They maintain “social partnerships,” explains Utterstedt. “If you separate a donkey from his friend, it is a disaster. He prays for his partner and is lonely.”

The donkey also calls out when it’s bored – because it doesn’t have enough opportunities to occupy itself (comically) and can’t move around properly. Donkeys love to run a lot, preferably on roads with different surfaces. Green meadows are not suitable for breeding, since the energy requirements of animals are adapted to the meager food in their native areas.

Eyore doesn’t always mean a bad mood. Donkeys also use the sound, reminiscent of the creaking of a door, to greet and communicate. It would surely sound as beautiful to other donkeys as it is sung in the children’s song.

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