There’s a lot going on at the Fest fairgrounds.

Fun in the block

There is a lot going on at the “Fest” fairgrounds in Karlsruhe even before it opens. No sooner had trampolines and diving towers been built than the kids rushed in. The complex is already busy.

Focus: Sophie thinks about this for a few seconds before moving the wooden block on the game board.

Photo: Christian Bodamer

11-year-old Lily needs patience. She’s standing in line in front of the “Longhair Girl” trailer. Braiding your hair is quite common there. “We waited about 30 minutes,” Father Niko Rastatter says at about 1:30 p.m.

The trailer is part of the children’s program at the “Das Festival”. Plus: trampolines, slides, workshops, puzzles – there’s so much that children’s hearts desire.

The family comes to the “party” after the wedding

Rastatter was at the Günther-Klotz-Anlage site with his wife and daughter for about an hour. “This morning we were at a civil wedding,” he says.

Well done: Semhar Teklesembet braids children's hair in a trailer

Cute Hairstyle: Semhar Teklesembet braids children’s hair in the “Longhair Girl” trailer. Next up is Lillie Rastatter.

Photo: Caroline Scharf

Then the family headed straight to the “festival” and then to the children’s area. “We can also do something here as parents,” Rastatter says. For example, the family participated in a test together.

Building assistants from the city youth committee

Nearby, Ralph Berkner of the city’s youth committee talks with his team. He coordinates the program at the fairgrounds in Mobi. It’s supposed to start at 3 PM. But even before that, many children go out with their parents. Some cavities in tubs, others stand in board games.

Meanwhile, Berkner instructs his team: “You are responsible for ensuring that nothing happens here.” After the short speech, he divides the assistants into stations. When everyone knows where to go, the group breaks up. Set up a trampoline and diving platform.

A father stays in the shade with his children in Karlsruhe

Father Sebastian Wenberger sits next door at the edge of the pool and puts his feet in it. His daughter Clara sprays it with water.

Feet in the water: The Wenburger family rests in the pool at the Moby fairgrounds.

Feet in the water: The Wenburger family rests in the pool at the Moby fairgrounds.

Photo: Caroline Scharf

“It’s really fun when it’s warm,” says the 43-year-old. And Woenberger takes with him every “festival” day. From Thursday to Sunday he goes to the Karlsruhe Festival.

He protects his children from the heat by staying in the shade most of the time. He also put sunscreen on the little ones in the morning. Both kids wear hats too – they need them too.

We’ll stock up on water bottles in a moment.

Sebastian Wenberger, Sr.

Because: At around 1 p.m., the temperature at the festival site rises to 29 degrees. “We’ll be stocking up on water bottles in a moment,” Wonberger says. His kids are like marbles they run better.

New puzzles in the fairgrounds in MOBI

Several tents provide shade on the Moby fairgrounds. The assistants from the City Youth Committee set up their posts below.

We didn’t know the game before. But there was evidence.

Sandra, mother

A family of four playing a board game under the gazebo. Sebastian and Sophia move the cylindrical wooden figures around. Behind them are their parents. “We didn’t know the game before. But there were instructions,” says mother Sandra.

The game was only available at the Mobi fairgrounds this year. It’s part of the new show and requires kids’ tactical understanding. Organizers hope this will also help families to stay longer. Players need more time than other offers to win.

Away from the hustle and bustle: many parents are already going out with their children on the fairgrounds in the children's zone

Away from the hustle and bustle: Many parents are already out with their kids on the fairgrounds at the Children’s Fest on Saturday.

Photo: Christian Bodamer

Romping and fun are not neglected. Soon after laying down the trampoline and diving board, the kids broke into them. In front of the staircase of the tower many lined up.

Help Lina is waiting below, her fellow at the top. “I make sure the kids jump on their own,” Lina says. She knows the fairgrounds since her childhood days. Now she is taking care of the next generation.

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