Announcement: Olympic Champion Michael Jung at the start in Immenhoven – Donaueschingen and the surrounding area

Lighted competitions are always popular with spectators. Photo: Freeze

This year, three-time Olympic champion and European and world champion in event racing, Michael Jung, was a true riding icon at the start of the “Horse Festival” in Immenhöfe.

Donaueschingen – As a show-hopper, the international star from Horb is one of the regular guests at Immenhöfe. World reigning champion Simon Bloom has also been recorded. The Horse Festival once again lives up to its reputation as a first-class horse show. All the starting places for the various jumping tests are occupied, and a variety of competitions take place over four days from the early morning hours until the evening hours.

The new Horst Gibbers pony tour nationwide. Immenhöfe is the only stop in Baden-Württemberg. For tournament organizers Christian and Uche Friese, this is further confirmation of their work, as the whole team is always on top. The pony show has already proven itself. Tomorrow’s VIP will be presented over two days and the auction will take place on Saturday evening.

Night of the popular show

After the famous evening premiere of Thursday night has been canceled for the past two years, you can look forward to some surprises this year. Among other things, the daring racers from France will ensure real action. Inka Weinreich and Valerie Klumpp are responsible for the program and guarantee real features. A costume jump has also been announced. The Horse Festival will once again be accompanied by a diverse exhibition. It’s not as big as it was in previous years, but with its own offerings for all things horses, it makes an interesting mix.

The general enthusiasm for the four-day horse show is reflected in more than 200 patrons. “Our concept with the mix, rides, sponsors, entertainment and loyal viewers has proven itself,” Christian and Uchi Friese are delighted.

All event areas are accessible to spectators. For this purpose, the regulator has invested in a safety concept based on the latest findings. With environmental awareness, attention is constantly paid to environmentally friendly logistics.

Beamer Riders Tour and Championships in Donaueschingen

In addition to several high-quality vaulting competitions, the big event will be of absolute importance on Sunday, July 31, with the Grand Prix in Immenhöfe from 3:30pm. World Ranking List Points are awarded in this Bemer Riders Tour competition. But there are also many other tests that offer four days of top-tier sports. The ride is also conducted under floodlights, which creates a very special character in the evening hours. A total of 26 jumping competitions offering true first-class sport.

Information: The program is from July 28 to July 31

Thursday 28 July

7.30 am: 1. Qualification for the Donau Cup

09:00.: CSIAm A Bronze International Jumping Competition

10.00 am: 2. Danube Cup Qualifiers

11.30 am: CSIam A Silver International Jumping Competition

1 pm: International vaulting competition for horses aged 6 and 7 years

3 pm: CSIAm A Gold International Jumping Competition

4:15 pm: International Jumping Competition – Opening Competition

6 pm: Shepherds and equestrian reception

8 pm: night show

There are a lot of performances on the popular show evening, which is expected to be very crowded.

With a western width, in which an original wagon is installed, the Compagnie Impuliso delivers the excitement with four width dividers. The illustrious group arrived with twelve horses and two ponies.

The jump squad Team Ingelsberg will introduce themselves with all-new performances. Ten lockers will provide many surprises with brand new offers. The 2016 VPs guarantee an outstanding performance.

Four regional clubs compete in fashion vaulting. With three contestants on each team, you can look forward to lots of creativity on the mini course. With your own logo, there is no limit to your imagination.

Friday 29th July

08:00.: International Showjumping competition for horses aged 6 and 7 years old, second qualification.

10:25 am: Group jump rehabilitation.

12.45 pm: Bronze CSIAm A International Jumping Competition.

1:45 pm: CSIam A International Jumping Competition Silver.

3.30 pm: CSN S National Exam – BW-Bank Warm-Up Exam.

5:15 pm: Final Test National Cup Regiotour Donau with a jump.

6.15 pm: Hand over the gold riding badge to Michael Heralt.

6.45 pm: Show pony German sports horse.

7.45 pm: CSI2 International Jumping Competition – A group competition.

Saturday 30th July

08:00.: Bronze CSIAm A International Jumping Competition.

09:00.: CSI2 International Jumping Competition.

11.30 am: CSIAm A Gold International Jumping Competition.

12.30 pm: Pony Show – Senior in Immenhöfe.

1:45 pm: Junior Tour Final for 6-year-old horses.

3 pm: National Pony Jumping Competition Class.

4 pm: International Showjumping Competition, Beamer Riders Tour, Championships in Donaueschingen.

6.45 pm: BW-Bank Qualification, Indoor Championship.

8.45 pm: German Sports Horse Auction Pony.

Sunday July 31

08:00.: Junior Tour Final for 7-year-old horses.

9.15 am: CSIam A International Jumping Competition Silver.

11:00 am.: CSI2 International Jumping Competition.

1:15 pm: CSIA International Show Jumping Competition, A Gold.

2.30 pm: National Pony Jumping Test – Final qualification for the Horst Gibbers National Pony Tour.

3.30 pm: International “Immenhöfe Grand Prix” award for world ranking points. Jumping competition in the Beamer Raiders Tour.

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