Blockchain company wants to develop a ‘better’ Minecraft game

NFTs are often at the center of various discussions in the gaming industry these days. While those in charge of many companies see the future in blockchain technology, the majority of players don’t (yet) want to have anything to do with the topic. There was a clear statement last week from minecraft makers. Team Mojang Forbidden Implementation of NFTs in all areas of their block game.

Of course, this also means that third-party providers that provide, among other things, in-game servers are affected by these actions. This includes now as well NFT worldsWho have ever used NFTs for Minecraft (Buy now €21.90) Sold. In detail, title seeds can be purchased as non-fungible tokens. This is the code responsible for creating the world of Minecraft. In a detailed statement, the operators described Mojang’s ban of NFT as to retreat.

Planned special game

At least those in charge of NFT World have an idea of ​​how NFTs are presented to men and women. want one special game A development that provides the mechanics of Minecraft at its core. It is said that cloning is the game not become – Or just independent so that no lawsuits threaten. It is already clear that the title is complete Free It will be for everyone. In the emotional statement, NFT Worlds commented on the NFT ban and also accused Minecraft and Microsoft of being outdated and unfriendly to players. You can read some translated excerpts here:

“Microsoft, Mojang and Minecraft have shown that they do not care about creators, builders and players if at any time a new idea or vision conflicts with any internal policy or minority views of power; […]”

We are creating a new game […], which are based on many of the core mechanics of Minecraft, but have been actively updated and developed, which has not been the case with Minecraft for years. We do not rewrite open source code for a Minecraft clone, which is likely to violate the license agreement or lead to lawsuits, we are building it from scratch. […]

Minecraft players will find the gameplay, look and feel very familiar; Game mechanics, graphics, performance improvement, and general improvements will result in a more intuitive, possessive and enjoyable gaming experience. The best part is that we are not affected at all by the rules that Microsoft and Mojang apply in Minecraft. […]”

“Access to the game will be 100% free and there will be no credit card payment limits for content. NFT Worlds is built on the principle that all players must have access to earn, buy and own content through game mechanics and currency rewards.” […]”

“Don’t get us wrong, this is a battle between Web 2 and Web 3. It is a battle between different visions of the future of the Internet: one that prioritizes shareholder ownership and profit margins, and one that prioritizes the innovative spirit of independent creators. […]”

A game like Minecraft, no matter how close it is to the original, doesn’t evolve overnight. In the meantime, NFT Worlds recommends sticking with their Minecraft launcher, saying that they now want to develop features that will appeal to non-code players as they develop their Minecraft style of play.

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