New NFT kits in 2022 that have high potential

In recent months and years, the number of NFT clusters has increased exponentially. The hype around non-replaceable tokens doesn’t stop there. More and more new creative NFT kits are released. What new NFT kits in 2022 have huge potential?

In this article, we discuss new NFT kits in 2022, which should become mainstream this year and have huge potential to increase value.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. These are unique, non-copyable digital objects based on the blockchain. Each NFT has a unique digital signature. Non-replaceable means that NFTs cannot be reproduced. This makes the NFT unique, giving each NFT the potential to bring great value.


Since NFTs are in principle tamper-resistant thanks to the unique digital signature provided by the blockchain, NFTs have become particularly popular as digital artworks in the art market in recent years. However, NFTs are also becoming more prevalent in other areas such as gaming and fashion.

What are NFT groups?

NFTs are groups of several NFTs that are combined into one group and have a common theme. The individual NFTs are often very similar or represent a specific object whose design in one NFT is completely different.

NFT . groups

Examples of NFT groups are the so-called monkey NFT groups or monkey NFT groups such as the Bord Ape Yacht Club. As a basis, the monkey appears in each NFT, but it is designed differently depending on the NFT and has other features. This concept makes many NFT sets so popular because buyers want to have a unique image of the set.

What are the most popular NFT kits?

In recent years, various NFT combinations have become very popular. The following NFT kits are very popular and fetch very high prices for individual NFTs:

  • Kryptoponics: Some numbered KryptoPunks are among the NFTs that have been exorbitantly sold. In this article you will read about the most expensive NFTs ever.
  • Bored Monkey Yacht Club: This group of “boredom monkeys” is very popular not only among ordinary people but also among celebrities. You can find more information about Bored Ape Yacht Club here.
  • Moonbird’s NFTs: This NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique NFT images depicting owls.

These are just a few examples of the very popular NFT kits worth millions of Euros.


What are the potential new NFT combinations in 2022?

Below we would like to introduce you to some NFT kits in 2022, which have huge potential:

1. I love death and nft robots

Love Deaths and Robots is a well-known Netflix series entering its third season. With this season, Netflix released their own NFT collection. This new NFT set has been released in the form of 9 hidden QR codes across different platforms for users to search and search.

If you scan one of these NFT tokens, each user can unlock private digital holdings that can later be used for NFT mining.

2. Goblintown NFTs

Goblintown NFTs are a group of 9,999 NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs come in a format that you can mint freely and allow users to modify individual items.

These NFTs were launched without an official roadmap and have no official controversy. This has sparked particular interest among many NFT fans.

3. Guradians

This is not an NFT project in the classic sense, but an upcoming game to win. NFT games can always have a very interesting set of NFTs and build a set of NFTs.


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Alpha and beta tests will be released later this year. Users can already register for this game. Some time ago, the number of registrations was already in the six-digit range.

4. Moonrunners

Another NFT group for 2022 is the Moonrunners. This group is very similar to the Goblintown NFTs. These are 10,000 pixel embossed NFT images of a wolf. Moonrunners has no roadmap and no dispute.