Psychology: This is what your favorite shoes reveal about your personality

What do your favorite shoes say about your personality?

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What shoes decorate your feet most often – sneakers, high-heeled shoes or boots? Your favorite shoes reveal a lot about your personality.

Of course: If you walk a lot, you’ll probably mostly choose comfortable shoes. Therefore, our daily life strongly determines the favorite shoes that are used most often. However, in a study researchers found that certain shoes are often associated with certain personality traits. These are the astonishing results of the study.

This is what your favorite shoes reveal about you

high heel shoes

If high heels are your favorite shoes, you’re extroverted and don’t mind being the center of attention. Your self-confidence is well received by those around you. You are often asked for advice, whether it is about style or important life decisions. Because you are also empathetic and can put yourself in the shoes of others.

sport shoes

Sneakers have been popular for years – and you’ll want to be trendy too if you wear sneakers a lot. You value other people’s opinions very much, but you are also open minded. You get along well with most people and rarely offend you. So, in the truest sense of the word, sneakers are a comfortable option for you. But you also have great ambition and are always well organized.


Pumps are an elegant classic and are part of the mandatory “Girl Boss” outfit. She radiates self-confidence, strength, and good style. Your work is important to you, you are ambitious and work very efficiently in everything. You are popular in your community because the people around you trust you and know they can count on you.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are also a classic option. If it’s your favorite shoe, know yourself and your style well. You can only be inspired by trends if they really work for you. You know who you are and what you want. This can sometimes be a little aggressive – but you quickly make up for it with your charm.

ballet apartments

Do you like ballet flats? So you are friendly, open and humble. Her style is very feminine, but practical at the same time. You are hardworking and loyal, but you don’t like being the center of attention. They tend to be introverts and need time to themselves. But that doesn’t make you any less popular in your community.

high heels

Lovers of high heels are sometimes known for being a little superficial and too concerned with material things. In fact, they are usually very diligent and hardworking. Do you belong? So you have big ambitions, but remain open to new and flexible things. But of course you love the beautiful things in life and have a strong sense of style and beauty.


In terms of personality, leather loafers are similar to Chelsea boots: classic and elegant – but a bit sharper than ankle boots. Loafers are among your favorite shoes? Then you like it easy, but you really want to show who you are with your looks. A self-confident person keeps calm in crisis situations and always has a ready solution.

flat sandals

In the warm months, do you roughly meet at Birkenstocks and Co? Your priority is comfort. You are also somewhat unconventional, even in many of life’s big decisions. Daily from the listed home to the corporate headquarters? This is not your concept of life. You need closeness to nature and a lot of freedom.


Wedges are a perfect alternative to high heels and other heels when you have to walk a lot and need more stability. When you prefer to wear wedge heels, you are confident and centered. You are open and extroverted, but without looking for the big spotlight. This combination makes you very popular with most people.

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