Who wants to give Tango the dog from the shelter a chance?

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The Hunt for the Watchful Dog: Who Wants to Give Tango a Second Chance?

Photo: Clara Richenberg/Berlin Animal Shelter

Tango is an impressive German Shepherd dog, currently living at the Berlin Animal Shelter and looking for a new home.

The animal shelter in Berlin is teeming with dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and much more: about 1,400 animals live there – and they hope for a new home. So does Tango: Want to give your dog a chance?

Why are animals abandoned? It’s hard to say: many are probably overwhelmed with care and fantasize about living together to be easier or at least different. It is a good thing that there are a number of animal shelters in Germany that look after and take care of these poor creatures.

But this is not always: there are too many animals – that is why such stations should be a temporary place of residence. But you can help: Wouldn’t you love to give a dog, cat or small animal a chance and give them a loving environment? We regularly present you to residents Animal shelter in Berlin. Today: Dog Tango is looking for a new home.

Berlin animal shelter residents are looking for a home – today: Dog Tango

Tango’s past fate or past will always remain uncertain, because the handsome dog has been found. When we meet him, the majestic man seems a little insecure, and he is also worried over and over again. This suggests that he did not always have the best experiences with people, to say the least. Tango may also have been treated very harshly.

How lovely to see he loves his caregivers more than anything once he melts. The German Shepherd also expresses this with a very strong protective instinct. Tango responds well to games – although he can become arrogant at times and even disrespectful once he has gained confidence. In this regard, attending a good dog school is a prerequisite for channeling your Tango’s protective instinct and energy in an orderly manner.

Tango is very alert and not a residential dog

Active people with experience with dogs and who live perfectly with their homes and gardens in a rural area, but certainly have plenty of time for common activities, would be ideal for a handsome man. Unfortunately, Tango is not suitable for an apartment. He is very alert, which is typical for shepherd dogs, but is also very aggressive towards strangers and dogs.

So children should not live in the house. For walking and outdoor activities, a Tango must wear a muzzle. If you want to get to know a beautiful dog that probably has a sad past, you should be prepared for several visits to the animal shelter in Berlin. After that, the mediation will be accompanied by a dog trainer.

Tango’s clear profile:

operator number






a race

German Shepherd Dog

date of Birth

December 2015 (six years)


about 60 cm


about 35 kg

In shelter ever since

May 1, 2021

suitable for

Experienced, active people with a house and garden in a rural area

not suitable for

Children in the family

The staff at the animal shelter is sure: Tango will be a wonderful and loving companion for anyone who decides to own a dog – provided the environment is right. Would you like to give him a home? Then please contact the Benji-Haus breeder at 030/76888212 or send an email to tiervermittlung@tierschutz-berlin.de

Of course, Tango is not only happy with a successful placement in a loving home: many other animals are waiting for him, too! At tierschutz-berlin.de you will find animal residents, as well as a lot of information about the animal shelter, such as how to donate or volunteer, as well as a lot of useful information about adopting an animal.

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