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A romantic relationship for two people is not enough for some people. They love many partners and therefore live in multiple relationships. How does polygon work?

Some people are not happy alone with a partner and wish they had another partner in their relationship. How can polygamy work, what are the prejudices against it and what should be considered with this relationship model?

Polyamory Meaning: What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is a technical termmade up of words poly (Greek meaning “a lot”) and cupid (Latin meaning “love”). This represents a committed relationship with more than one person.

Unlike many open relationships, in polygamous relationships everyone knows about each other, so there are no secrets. In this way, polygamy is very different from monogamy, which is the relationship between two people.

Those who live in polygamy believe that no person can permanently satisfy all their needs. Polygamous people criticize the ideal of monogamy and marriage. The fact that many people cheat is a sign that the concept of monogamy is not working and that people are not the creators of monogamous love.

Living Polygamy: What Is Important for a Polygamous Relationship to Work?

Husbands in polygamous relationships who want their relationship to be loving, honest, and lasting need rules. At the same time, communication creates a foundation for trust.

Attention and affection

Especially at the beginning of the journey together in a polygamous relationship It can happen that they become partners miss o Give only a little attention and affection. Experiences with a new relationship partner are initially more exciting than a typical relationship. However, the Partners in the previous relationship still feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, affection and attention must be ensured to all involved.

By telling your partner that you love him more than usual, you are giving him loving attention. At the same time you can also look for everyday touches. Active appreciation is important Reassure that the new person is not threatening the relationship and that the strong bond remains.


Fidelity in the context of polygamous relationships means that The agreements entered into are binding. All partners agree that the rules that are found together will not be broken.

Set limits and watch the pace of development

Anyone living in a polygamous relationship has the right to say “stop” when making new arrangements. Personal boundaries can be crossed without others noticing. Therefore, those affected should always express their limits openly. Limits can relate to the number and change of partners or the frequency of meetings. The right speed is important to the success of a polygamous relationship, so that everyone involved in it feels comfortable. Vigilance is the key to success.

express concerns

People who live in a polygamous relationship should Fear of loss, jealousy, anger and self-doubt Communicate frankly. Anyone who talks about their conflicting feelings ensures that their partner understands the problems and takes them seriously.

Take your time but be flexible

Time is an important factor in polygamous relationships. Time is limited and free time is often planned for work, hobbies and friends. Therefore, time is an important factor to express love. Co-planning and conventions are so important that everyone involved feels valued. However, at the same time, it is also important to be flexible. Anyone going through a difficult phase of a relationship should always be given targeted support.

Not open to everyone

Before partners engage in a secondary relationship, important values ​​must be discussed. Everyone involved should be aware of their role in the relationship. Potential secondary partners should at best have a multi-angle background so that problems do not arise.


Communication is the key to success in a polygamous relationship. Often the conversation fails because people are not listening properly or the cues are misinterpreted.

In order for the communication to be successful, a certain time to talk can be agreed upon. During this time, the speaker is not interrupted and is given space to express himself.

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For a polygamous relationship to be successful, each person must know about the other. At the same time, this means that all participants voluntarily engage in polygamy. Communication and conflict resolution are an essential part of a polygamous relationship. Each person should be willing to work on the relationship and continue to think for themselves.

What are the biases related to polygamous relationships?

the following in Society debated prejudices about polygamous relationships Shown:

“Polygamous relationships are about sex with others”: A well-known bias is that polygamous relationships are only about one gender. This is not true, because polygamous relationships are designed to last. However, there are no general rules for a polygamous partnership and each relationship has to decide individually what is and is not allowed.

“So there is certainly no jealousy in polygamous relationships.”False jealousy can also be found in polygamous relationships. However, the way to deal with it varies greatly. Jealousy is viewed as “ownership thinking” and individual freedom is classified as a particularly valuable asset. Since honesty is the basis of a polygamous relationship, jealousy must also be openly communicated.

“For polygamous relationships, you need to be at peace with yourself”: Anyway, people in a polygamous relationship face different challenges. Anyone who enters into binding relationships with several people simultaneously faces more longings, desires and challenges.

There is hardly anyone who lives in polygamy.: According to a survey by dating platform Parship, three percent of the 3,000 members surveyed have already lived in a polygamous relationship. 12 percent can certainly imagine a polygamous relationship.

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