Rescued 60 children from a national park

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A raging forest fire in Saxon Switzerland National Park. More than 250 lifeguards are on duty. The disaster alert applies to Bad Schandau. News Ticker.

  • big fire Rise in Switzerland: Environment minister calls situation ‘devastating’
  • forest fire In the Saxon Switzerland National Park: A disaster alert announced for Bad Schandau.
  • 60 kids Saved: holiday camps are under fire in the Czech part of the park.
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Update from July 26, 8:11 p.m.: The situation with forest fires in the Saxon Switzerland National Park remains tense. The Saxon Switzerland and East Orr Mountains county office said Tuesday night that firefighting has become more difficult primarily because of the nature of the affected area. In addition to the difficult access to the site, the complex procurement of fire water, brought in from the Elbe and Kernitz, among others, is a problem, a spokesperson said.

So the fire spread over an area of ​​more than 250 hectares. There are still five sites in total, three of which are under control. The other two continued to spread uncontrollably, the spokesman said. More than 400 firefighters were on duty early in the evening.

State police, water police and riot police were deployed with some forces and supported the firefighting work with helicopters and water cannons. The German army also sent three helicopters to put out the fire, all operating in the evening. The fire spread from the Bohemia Switzerland National Park in the Czech Republic to the Saxon Switzerland National Park on Monday.

A raging forest fire in Saxon Switzerland National Park. © Robert Michael / D

Major fire in Saxon Switzerland: Environment minister describes situation as ‘devastating’

Update from July 26, 5:45 p.m.: The Minister for the Environment of Saxony, Wolfram Günther, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the forest fires in Saxony Switzerland. “The current bushfire season in Saxony is devastating. The forest fires are a tragedy for the region and for all the people who live off tourism,” the green politician was quoted as saying in a statement on Tuesday.

Gunter appealed to residents and tourists to avoid the fire area and adhere to the entry ban. “We are seeing the consequences of the climate crisis here with drought, heat and drying of forests,” he added.

Forest fires in Switzerland’s Saxon National Park: disaster warning in Bad Schandau

First report from July 26: Sebnitz / Bad Schandau – There are tragic images taking place in the Saxon Switzerland National Park on the German-Czech border. After a forest fire in bohemian Switzerland spread to the forests of Saxony on Monday (25 July), about 250 rescue workers are currently working and constantly fighting the flames with water cannons and helicopters.

While emergency services are still battling the fire in five places, a disaster alert has been issued for the city of Bad Schandau, located on the edge of the national park. According to a warning from the Saxon County Office of Switzerland – the East Orr Mountains, all tourists should avoid the back areas of the park – there is danger to life and extremities.

Rescued 60 children: holiday camps in the Czech part of the park are under fire

Already on Monday, July 25, 60 children were rescued from the national park. As a spokeswoman for Ferienland eV compared to Leipziger Volkszeitung Confirmed, these come from Leipzig, Dresden, Halle and Chemnitz, among others. They were in a holiday camp in Ceska Kamenice in the Czech part of the park and were evacuated to Bad Schandau. The children are currently being looked after and looked after by Johanniter from Pirna and must be allowed to go home during the day.

Forest fires in Saxon Switzerland: Bundeswehr assures help

In addition to the more than 250 emergency services deployed since Tuesday morning, the Bundeswehr wants to send in even more support. So far, one helicopter is in use each from the state and federal police, and four more machines will be added on Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Saxon Switzerland and East Orr Mountains office announced. Meanwhile, other regions of Germany are suffering from wildfires, including Brandenburg. (le with dpa)

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