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Summer Vacation, Colorful Backpacks, Journey Time: Happy children can be heard in the schoolyard of St. Ursula’s School, parents wave goodbye, it is still long before eight in the morning – in fact it is bedtime. This morning (Wednesday 27 July 2022), about 15 children between the ages of 6 and 10 are waiting here, full of excitement and anticipation, for the bus that is supposed to take them to Universum in Bremen. Because their parents work, and they don’t have the money or time for their holidays – and of course because it’s fun – elementary school children attend vacation care at an after-school care center in Saint Marian. The trip to the Practical Museum in Bremen is one of the highlights of their holiday – just like a total of 160 children from the entire Lüneburg region.

These experiences are made possible by the area’s youth welfare team, which fills the children’s summer time alongside youth welfare organizations with high-quality holiday offerings – including trips to the Karl May Festival, Serengeti Park and Hanover Zoo. More than 530 children and young adults have already registered for the excursions, and approximately 6-17 years old can join them in the second half of the holiday. “We take care of the organization, but the sponsors, including many youth centers, lunchtime caregivers and representatives such as youth fire brigades, organize the trip themselves,” explain Christian Gebhardt and Ank Stolz of Youth and Sports Welfare. “We select destinations, book bus trips, and get tickets.” The region provides a total of about 100,000 euros for this.

In youth centers, after-school care centers and children and youth groups, many families also find permanent points of contact and trusted contact people in everyday life. “Trips offer new experiences, broaden horizons, and are simply fun – and this strengthens self-confidence as well as friendships,” says social worker Christian Gebhardt. “It is great that so many organizations and clubs are participating again this year and the trips are so well received.” There is still room for improvement: “But we are confident that next year we will be able to increase the number of participants from the time before Corona arrives.”

In addition to day trips, the Lüneburg region offers other funding opportunities for children and youth:

Covering vacation trips
The county pays up to €400 per child or young person for holiday trips offered by independent youth welfare organizations. This cost assumption applies to structurally weak families, such as Hartz IV recipients, housing benefit recipients, etc. The trip must take at least six days. Commercial trips by tour operators are not subsidized, it must be an independent youth welfare agency. Applications are submitted by parents. In recent years, about 50 children and young adults have been able to take trips every year. If you are interested and you deserve it, just call the Lüneburg district, a specialist service for youth and sports care, Anke Stolze or Christian Gebhardt, tel. 04131 26-1792 or -1318.

Covering travel and storage costs
Clubs and sponsors offering holiday excursions for children and young people from the Lüneburg region also receive financial support. This trip should take at least three days, with arrival and departure days considered a full day. The club or sponsors receive €2.50 per child per day. Non-profit travel service providers can submit applications throughout the year to the Lüneburg region, a specialist service for youth and sports welfare, Anke Stolze or Christian Gebhardt, tel. 04131 26-1792, -1318 or by email to anke.stolze@landkreis -lueneburg .de or christian.gebhardt@landkreis-lueneburg.de.


Playing football, meeting friends, making music, and trying exciting things on trips – during the Corona pandemic, shared activities often faded, and important relationships between children and families suffered. With his social fund and possible
The Lüneburg region counteracts this with its extended holiday packages. Registration is currently taking place for the second half of the holiday, and promotions for the fall holiday are also planned. Since February, youth welfare organizations and other actors from the education scene have been able to apply for funds from the Social Fund. The guide has been published by the Youth and Sports Welfare Department.

Better Together: “This is exactly what many children, youth, and families will have to experience and learn again,” says Ines Bean, chair of the department. “Friendships have struggled or not formed because children and young people have had to significantly reduce their contacts due to Corona. The feeling of group and dealing with peers in some cases need to be re-learning.”

more information: www.landkreis-lueneburg.de/jugendpflege.

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